Why is my blog banned in China?

I have never considered myself a rebel, but it appears that by blog has been banned in China, according to this test. Why not try it yourself and see if you will join me in isolation.

So why do you think I have been banned? Nobody swears on my blog, we have great debates, what could I possibly have said to upset the Chinese authorities?  Will this add to my kudos? Can their internet addicted citizens still find a way of locating my site?

Hey guys, respect…. 

Hat tip, Tin Drummer.


  1. allow me to bypass China firewall with my favorite browser – firefox.
    You don’t even need to install it – they have portable version.
    You can use it even at school. I always watch Yutube at school as my internet at home is so slow.
    It supports SSL too so I can read my gmail.

  2. Courtney, I was staggered when I checked out those technorati rankings, I had no idea I was that high up with 649 links. How very interesting.

  3. Hi Ellee,

    “I don’t think I’m that heavyweight, it sounds intimidating.” (Comment on Wall Of Speech blog).

    Well… in regards to your blogging, I’m afraid you are up there in the higher echelons of the blogging hierarchy. Technorati profiles never lie, and according to your technorati profile, you are up there with some of the best of them.

    So, there’s no need to feel intimidated, on the contrary, in this age of the information society, your words appear to go a long way – except in China of course.

  4. Thanks Ellee. Yes but for this software to work they need the help of citizen from uncensored countries.

  5. Stran, This is the only comment from you, many thanks for the info. I suppose the Chinese can buy this censorship free software on the net, so there is really no point in having this form of censorship.

  6. Hi there,

    I don’t know if my previous comment was sent. Just to say that there is a software that permits chinese to view the net free of censorship.

    Best regards,

  7. Mine is too but then I have used the word democracy so often I’m not surprised. nice spot though Elle.

  8. I’m mortified that I’m not banned. Particularly as there are so many anti-Chinese posts. I think in your case, Ellee, you’re secretly a very naughty girl indeed.

  9. Could it be your interest in matters environmental that’s worried them, Ellee?

    That’s a bit of a sore point in China, as I understand it, not just because of trying to get them to sign up to international agreements but — and possibly more importantly — they apparently don’t like domestic criticism of their messing up the local environment in China (and changing the local physical geography at times) in order to achieve greater prosperity.

  10. The fact that people can think and have opinions on your blog is probably the reason. My Journal is allowed. I’ve had a few Chenese visitors.

  11. Banned, but I have been just a tad critical of China’s activities in Southern Africa

  12. electro-kevin

    I hope your not getting access to China was nothing to do with my support of the Duke of Edinburgh earlier on these pages. Doubtless he’s insulted them at some point as he has most other races.

  13. I’m not a happy bunny – I’ve been hamstrung by someone in the UK! He could knock on my door and shout at me (eek!) At least it’s only China Ellee 🙁

  14. Interesting that those who have been banned are considerably happier bunnies than those who haven’t.
    A bit like teenagers and ASBOs.

  15. I’m not banned and I’ve got posts about democracy too.. so it’s not that. I, too, should think it’s a sign of your success, Ellee. Now look what you ‘ve done.. you’ve gone and upset our dear newmania, because now he knows he isn’t banned!
    Agree with Heather it’s psychologically fascinating that we’ve all gone and taken the test!

  16. I’m on Typepad and I’m banned. I’ve been banned for 18 months or so and I’m proud of it!

  17. I just had to try it….. and yes I am blocked but god knows why … but what interested me most was that it said my location was in America !! Think there is a norfolk in america so that could be the answer to that.

  18. Hi Elle, this post certainly did catch my eye. I tested my site, and the Chinese seem to have no problems getting Neo Jacobin. Great!

    As to why the Chinese can get hold of Neo Jacobin, and not ProActive PR? To be honest, I haven’t got a clue.

    Best wishes.


  19. Hi Ellee….just tried mine…I am fine. I would purely put it down to Political reasons.

  20. Nope I `m chinky legal , rats in a soya sauce with bamboo shoots . Grrrrrrr!

  21. Newmania, I thought it might impress you.

  22. …and why the hell am I not banned .I swear , I had a semi clad woman once , briefly. I often express opinions that I would not nere and I am constantly deleted from Dale and Guido. Yeeesh what do I have to do .

    YOU won`t even let me be nasty about that fiend in human form drippy Rachel
    BTW Dangerous-Ellee I have another post on the enviroment ( Carbon Trading ) if you are still interested in that sort of thing…only because you mentioned some meeting ?

  23. Heather, I will be interested to hear your feedback, and also whether using Typepad makes a difference. Certainly Iain Dale uses Blogger and he isn’t banned, and his comments get quite heated at times.

  24. This is fascinating – both the fact that we’ve all gone and tried for ourselves and the level of discussion. For the record, my blog is banned, but the professional automotive PR site I run, is no. Fortunately, my educational PR site isn’t blocked as I have distance learning students in China. However, they often have trouble accessing the Internet and ask for emailed materials instead.

    I’ll ask them to try your blog Ellee and let you know.

  25. My blog isn’t blocked…perhaps because China really isn’t that far away and Australia is in the Asia/Pacific region. Who knows the reason why!

  26. It’s probably not your content, but your host. China usually blocks WordPress, LiveJuornal, and Blogger, but not Typepad.

  27. Nick: You mention the word ‘Democrat’ on your blog, but never ‘Democracy’. It could be interesting if you use Democracy in your next post and see if that gets you banned.

  28. I’m allowed dammit. My blog must be too left wing.

  29. My blog is blocked (my new one – that will be of no surprise to you). For the crack, I tested a couple of my bloggy friend’s blogs, and really strangely, you know the guy with the poly blog that I link to loads? He ISN’T banned. Weird, that.

  30. me too….. banned

  31. I hardly think it has anything to do with the word “Democrat” or “Democracy” as my blog, one mentioning repeatedly the words “Liberal Democrat” would be bloacked, and it aint.

    I’ve put an explanation, of sort on my blog, linked to this story 😉

  32. Stick to business – my sites and are permitted viewing. I hope that they like my videos on site when the new skin is in operation!
    It is a great test.
    You have a long blogroll – I wonder how many are blocked?

  33. I’m not banned in China.

    Wonder why.

    Bedd, I don’t think there is a ‘white list’ of sites the Chinese allow you to visit. Somehow I fail to see a Chinese official typing out my url and telling the god people of China that ‘Go visit Bel, that’s a good site.’

    Must be some other way.

  34. Oh its SO clear to me
    Your comments would pervert the course of the great Chinese Communist state. ha ah!


  35. Don’t worry Ellee. It just shows you’re being successful. Ask any marketeer.


  36. Hi Chris, so we are sitting on the great Chinese firewall together – solidarity! I have tried the test again and I am still blocked, that has been the case since last Thursday when I first tried it out. There must be some key words that they use to define what is unacceptable.

  37. My site too is blocked.
    I’m interested in the ‘white list’ (so if anyone else knows more – please share) as that probably means that, far from my site being too hot to handle, it’s actually too quiet to have caught anybody’s attention yet.
    The latter isn’t quite as exciting.

  38. I am Peoples Democratically approved!!
    Ellee, your blog does have a political focus- and er- it’s not Maoist.
    Though Maoism isn’t particularly popular in China either…
    Try saying nice things like ‘Tianamen square was well handled by the authorities’ or ‘China is a good place to find labour for your business’ and see if things change.

  39. I have two blogs on blogspot; one is available and one is blocked – one is political, one is not. I think it works as a word filter, any website with the word ‘democracy’ for eaxmple is blocked.

  40. It originally told me last week that I was banned, then it told me half an hour later, I wasn’t. Perhaps this site is not that reliable?

  41. Bedd Gelert

    Hmmm… not really my area of expertise, but isn’t the chinese internet simply a ‘white list’ of sites that they DO allow you to visit, rather than trying to compile an expanding list of one’s they don’t want you to visit ?

    A bit like early ‘anti-spam’ packages.

    For an overview of how the ‘firewall’ is defeated have a look at a very good film by Paul Mason on the Newsnight web pages of the BBC site.

  42. mens sana

    iain dale is allowed…


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