Is the Olympics 2012 brand a winner?

Is the Olympics 2012 logo really as  hideous as people make out? Some furious protesters have already launched an online petition against it.

And there are some really critical comments on Iain’s post about it, though I must admit that rabbits did not instantly spring to my mind!

I asked my teenage son what he thought, wondering if the objectors were simply not hip enough to appreciate modern branding. But he admitted he was confused by it too and read the jagged cubist numbers as 20R instead of 2012.

I had been invited to attend the launch of this controversial Olympic logo by Edelman PR, I doubt they expected such a negative reaction, but was unable to go as I had a prior engagement. I would have liked to have seen the reactions of everyone there, how surprised they were.

At the risk of being the only one out, I will admit it is growing on me, though my initial reaction was one of confusion too. But then we all derided the new Conservative scribbled oak tree logo when that was launched. Maybe this will also grow on us in time. And we do have a few years to get used to it.

So would you award it a gold, silver, bronze or the wooden spoon? And how does it really compare to the previous years’ logos?  My favourite is Greece, the logo is clear and classical with a beautiful blue backdrop, the colour of its deep, blue sea – which I shall be diving into next week!

 Update: Oh dear, my brilliant PR course leader Heather Yaxley has a feeling of Millennium Dome about this. I admit I am one of life’s optimists.

Update 2: An intelligent reflection on the logo by Magnus Linklater in The Times.