The missing – Ylenia Carrisi

ylenia6 Ylenia Carrisi is the daughter of Italian singer Albano Carrisi YLENIA and Romina Power, whose father was the American actor Tyrone Power.

Ylenia was last seen in the French Quarter of New Orleans in January 1994 which she was visiting. She was 24.

At the time of her disappearance, Ylenia was staying in a hotel with street musician Alaxander Masakela. Masakela was arrested, but eventually released for lack of evidence to connect him to Ylenia’s disappearance.

The only other possible lead was a security guard who saw a woman, vaguely matching her description, jump into the Mississippi River. A coast guard search turned up no sign of her body, which may have been washed out to sea; and it has never been established that the person was in fact Ylenia, however.

Police searches have revealed nothingd, but bizarre sightings of her, like this recent one have been well publicised in Italy. Her mother still believes she’s alive while Albano has stated that he believes the security guard’s story.

Ylenia was the hostess on the Italian version of Wheel Of Fortune in 1989, and was regarded as something of a celebrity in her native country.

Hat tip Welshcakes Limoncello, who says: “They (the parents) are thought to have spent millions trying to find her but she has never been found.”

In memory of those who are still missing.

Update 9 June: This report claims Ylenia is alive and living in a convent in Arizona.