My concern over loss of child benefits data

As a mother of two sons eligible for child benefits, my personal details are among the millions included on the missing discs.

What concerns me more than the possibility of my banking details being fraudulently used is the fact that personal data of 15.5 children in the UK are included on them too.

What would happen if that information fell into the hands of evil people who preyed on young children? Has that thought occurred to you too?


  1. “Children’s organizations warned the data on it could be used by pedophiles to pose as parents of their target victims.”

    And those organisations are?

    I can see it now:
    Paedo: “Hi, I know this child’s social security number, bank account and am calling myself Jim – which is his Dad’s name”

    little boy: “Who the hell are you? Bugger off you weirdo”

    Paedo: “Timmy, it’s me, your Dad, don’t you recognise me. Didn’t I have the right benefits code?”

    little boy: “I’m John. I don’t know my child benefit number. The CD’s didn’t have photos of all the children on. No go away before I kick you in the goolies.”

    Paedo, later, at home on phone: “hello, Barclays Bank? I’ve got the social security number of my three darling daughters here and their bank details… could you send me naked photos of them for me to wank over please…. hello… hello, are you there..?”

    Like I said, scaremongering. It’s called Moral Panic and the theft of the CD’s is enough. Don’t add the eponymous bogeyman in as well. You’ll be suggesting illegal immigrants and Irish travellers are working together to use the CDs next…

  2. No, that thought has not occurred to me… but then I don’t read the Daily Mail or Express or News of the World and take it as gospel.

    Scaremongering Ellee, pure scaremongering.

    What’s a paedo going to do – masturbate over social security code numbers?

    If you want to find a kid to fiddle with, I’m pretty sure there are easier ways than tracking down two CDs which have gone astray between Government departments, don’t you? There’s things call “schools” and “nurseries” and “playgrounds” which, so I’ve heard, have loads of the blighters playing in (children, not paedophiles… but you never know.)

  3. You’ll just have to keep a very close eye on your statements. This Govt lurches from disaster to disaster…

  4. I think the ‘this would be useful for paedophiles’ scaremongering is hysterical.

    The personal details of 15.5 million kids would be useful for fraudsters who can use it to start qualifying the ‘big’ (i.e. rich and gullible) targets from it for future use.

  5. PS – Could it also lead some top get xtra credit cards – and claim ‘fraud’
    after the xmas spending binge or spree.
    Cynic – who me???

  6. I think most people are worried about their namk & personal details ending up in the hands of fraudsters – who’ll be able to get ‘credit’

    Could be xmas has come early for some.

  7. All types of thoughts have came to mind Ellee, crime, fraud, stalking, trafficking, identity theft, you name it, I’ve worried about it.
    An honourable politician from the past would have resigned over this issue – Tyne Tees Television are claiming that the civil servant at the centre of the bungle has now resigned.

  8. Talk about a blooper of the first order. I can’t believe they are sent in the post.

  9. Of course it has occured to me too, Ellee.

    It’s clear that this Government has lost control over most things and that the rot started from the top.

    The basic problems of collapsing public standards can be summarised thus:

    – Nationalism/Britishness is no longer important – in fact it is eschewed. This may be fine for those in reciept of gold plated State remuneration and pensions with plans for retirement abroad, but this of serious detriment to the people whom they represent and for whom they are meant to have a duty.

    – Individuals in positions of responsibility avoid true accountability and serious consequences for their actions. This has been set in precedent by Nu Labour hierarchy and their behaviour. An no – enforced resignation is NOT enough of a motivator, whereas legal action IS.

    – Our institutions have been politicised and sometimes corrupted by Nu Labour. They have also taken on the same tendancy to spin and deceive and provide shoddy service.

    – Politicians have become far too good at looking after themselves to the detriment of our country.

    And now they put our identities and our children at risk.

    There is a time when hysteria is an appropriate response, you know. And this, coupled with the recent news that 5000 illegals have been ‘guarding’ government buildings deserves a furious response from the public.

    If I’d shown such levels of incompetence in my job I’d be looking at a prison sentence by now.

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