Enjoying my new iPhone

My new best friend is very slinky and creative and never fails imageto  amuse me. I’m hoping she won’t get me lost either with her satellite prowess.

I’m talking about my fabulous iPhone which I have had for a week now and is simplicity itself.

Apple has to be credited for providing superb customer service to tempt buyers. I booked a personal shopping session in Cambridge and was shown the workings of the nubile mobile in fine detail. I went equipped with comparative info about the Nokia N96 which I  was also considering, and the salesman showed me the pros and cons of both models.

Since buying it, the store’s technical staff have moved over my old phone contacts on to the new iPhone Sim card – it was very fiddly – and I am booking a couple of personal training sessions to fully appreciate its fabulous features, which costs peanuts, only £79 for one hour’s tuition each week of the year.

Apple makes it easy to fully appreciate and enjoy their stylish products. It is so frustrating to have the latest technical gadgets and not know how to use them properly. They make sure you do get the most of it, which I find quite unique.

I’m looking forward to spending time on iTunes and downloading my favourite music, something I have been meaning to do for ages. I have already made a couple of purchases from the App Store.

image What amazes me is that whenever I pass by the Apple store in the Grand Arcade, Cambridge, it is always packed with people. Surrounding clothes stores and jewellers are empty, and mobile phone shops might have a couple of customers, but nothing compared to the Apple store. I can’t imagine their sales figures are down in this economic gloom because they are always so busy.

Having shared my iPhone enthusiasm with you I wonder what downloads you find the most fun, which ones do you recommend? What do you most enjoy about your iPhone?

I did fall in love with it after seeing Geoff’s when it first came out. I just hope we don’t get them mixed up when we meet up!


  1. Funny thing
    I was there myself yesterday
    Our paths are soon to cross, I feel

  2. I am glad you are having fun with your new phone. I am trying to justify my having an Ipod Nano 😉

  3. It does look very elegant, Ellee.

  4. Goodness me! Are you pay blogging? I do that for Fray Bentoes and Pukka Pies in exchange for merchandising like hats and stuff!

  5. If you could see my old phone you’d laugh! It is incredibly UNTECHNICAL AND VERY OLD – I only use it for emergencies!

  6. Hi Benny, I love the email, it is incredibly easy.

    Thanks everyone for you app recommendations, I have had some twittered to me as well.

    Many thanks to Bill for your suggestions which sound too good to be true! It is exactly the kind of feedback I was hoping for when I wrote this post.

  7. twitter on the iPhone is incredibly simple and user friendly. If you go on the app store and search for ‘TwitterFon’ it’ll be there. It’s a great app and I doubt I’d have bothered twittering without it.
    I agree that the keyboard is fantastic, when I type some things that it doesn’t recognize, it often comes up with hilarious suggestions. It kept telling me that ‘twitter’ should be ‘twitted’ during this entire message.

  8. Man in the Shed, the keyboard is fantastic, very user friendly.

    AJS, I had already paid my £79 to learn how to do video editing on iMovie. I would not have paid out this money just for the iPhone, but there is nothing wrong with doing so as not everyone picks up what is easy to you and others. I went to a dinner party on Saturday and two of the people there said they would consider buying an iPhone after seeing mine and my praises about it, especially how easy it is. To them, it looked very complicated and they would never had considered it before.

    The reason I bought the phone was because it was so easy to use, which my personal shopping session demonstrated. But, as I said, there is so much more to learn about it too as well as the basics. I know I can learn more from Apple staff which will enhance my pleasure of the phone.

    Benny, yes, I shall be twittering from my iPhone once I get it sorted. Glad to hear you are enjoying yours.

    JMB, I would be hugely disappointed if I had had your MacBook Pro experience. I hope its ok now.

  9. I am and will be a hold out on the iPhone I think since I do not use a cell phone enough to warrant it. I do have my iPod touch so that is almost as impressive although I do think it is a bit difficult to use the onboard keyboard reliably and I assume the iPhone is the same. I am a regular customer at the Apple store since I am doing the one to one plus visit the Genius Bar and as well my new MacBookPro had to have its DVD drive replaced. How sad is that.

    Enjoy your new toy Ellee.

  10. I’m currently writing this reply on my iPhone! It’s a fantastic piece of equipment. TwitterFon is excellent-I’m not sure if you are a ‘twitterer’. I’ve just started, it’s quite addictive! Do enjoy it, you’ll be entertained for months!

  11. Check out reQall and evernote – they’re both websites with free iphone apps. reQall includes a speech to text transcription service so you can get you voice notes typed up and emailed back to you – even create appointments and shooping lists. Evernote will OCR phots taken on your phone and mailed in. Both very handy and both free (with paid version too). “Things” is good too but not free – mac and phone verions will sync.
    Have fun – but avoid”Trism”(game), it’s a too addictive and I can’t stop playing!

  12. My only question on the iPhone was its virtual keyboard. Can you let us know how you get on with it ?

  13. Nich, I’m sorry for any misunderstanding. The £79 is for personal one to one tuition on any Apple appliance throughout a whole year. I’ve learnt how to edit videos on iMovie, for example. I know the basics on my iPhone and can pick up a lot up myself and with friends, but I want to know so much more and get the most out of it. I want to know more than they do.

  14. £79 to be shown how to use your own phone ? Whatever next is in Apple’s list of cons. Perhaps they will launch a car that is too complicated by half that they will charge you to be taught how to drive.

    As you can tell, I am no Apple fan. I got my Blackberry Storm, worked it all out in one evening and my wife found it so simple she got one too, and she is not really in to gadgets.

  15. Martine, great to hear from you. iRail is certainly one for me. Thanks for your tips.

    Jennyta, it’s not complicated at all, and a great bargain.

  16. I think I heard last week that Apple are one of the few businesses doing well at the moment. Good luck with it. £79 for an hour a week??? How complicated is it??

  17. Martine J Martin

    Hi Ellee! How funny, I just got an iphone this week as well (second hand, 1st gen, but still fab).

    They really are great (although I find iTunes irritating and there are a lot of niggles like its silly roundabout ringtones). I’m surprised the Apple store in Cambridge is so busy, the one near me (Leeds) always seems empty.

    As for applications, of the ones I’ve been playing with, my favourite is Instapaper (there’s a free version, but I got the paid one as it was so good) – lets you bookmark a webpage from your pc, like a news story say, that you don’t have time to read, and it appears on your iphone ready to be read whenever.

    The free Facebook, Ebay and Wikipedia applications are great. Oh and iActu is a great news aggregator to have to hand, and iRail is a very handy means to get train timetables.

    For games, Tap Tap Revolution and Cross Light are my favourites so far.

  18. Gadgets look loo complex for me!


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