How to pitch a story to a national magazine

I heard Victoria Woodhall, deputy features editor for You magazine, Mail on Sunday, give this helpful advice at a charity conference, and asked her to share it via my video.

Although it is aimed at the charity sector and describes how they can successfully achieve positive media coverage in a glossy mag, such as You, it is also great advice for the communications industry in general.

I hope you find it interesting. And many thanks Victoria.


  1. Ellee Seymour – MCIPR, PRESS CONSULTANT, JOURNALIST, POLITICAL AND PR BLOGGER. » How to pitch a story to a national magazine great article thank you.

  2. Well the speech has now been picked up by the Beeb

  3. Nearly all the political bloggers I visit have made a post out of this – I am incredulous that it hasn’t made the mainstream broadcast media.

    I note that EU politicians don’t escape his wrath either in that Brown, like they ” … say one thing here and another to your people back home.”

    I doubt that Hannon will get far in the EU. 🙁

    We need him back here … to help save us from this awful regime.

  4. Kevin, what a powerful video.

  5. Good video, Ellee.

  6. Thanks Mike, glad you liked it, and I hope it helps you with Toastmasters and the Speaker programme.

  7. Excellent stuff, perfect timing with the ‘Speaker’ programme coming up on BBC2. Will try Victoria’s ideas/advice out on behalf of ToastMasters

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