Suffolk swedes and apples

First our Norfolk folk were insultingly dubbed the “Turnip Taliban”. And now Conservatives in the neighbouring county of Suffolk who are selecting a parliamentary candidate this Friday have been mockingly lablled the “Suffolk image Swede”.

Hey, why does the media keep insulting our residents this way? I am not alone in asking this question. The East Anglian Daily Times’ headline today points out, “Vegetables are not rooted in Suffolk.” The paper’s political editor Graham Dines reckons:

The implication is that East Anglia Tory members are a bunch of straw sucking, two headed yokels who don’t venture to the bright lights of London and therefore have no idea whatsoever what life is like in 21st century multi-cultural cosmopolitan Britain.

They’re standing in the way of the great David Cameron modernising effort to make the Conservatives liked and electable next year.

It’s natural that local political associations want to exercise their democratic right to select the candidate they feel will best represent them. They should not be insulted for requesting that local candidates are included on short lists along with the other willing wealth of talent that Conservatives have attracted.

If an analogy must be made between Suffolk folk and a local produce, I would suggest they use the apple which Suffolk is famed for with its delicious Aspall cider and scrumptious Copella juice. If it’s good enough for New York – city folk there don’t object to it being known as The Big Apple – then the good natured citizens of Suffolk will surely be able to take that on the chin too.

After one, one bite and you’re hooked; that’s the irresistible appeal of Suffolk.


  1. disaffected

    Ellee ,
    “Camerons Cuties” is whether you like it or not the tag that the media has attached to the women being chosen ( mainly on a Notting Hill pc agenda ) by Tory High Command much as was the ” Blairs Babes ” only a few years ago.
    As for their being so bright , we will see .
    If Blairs Babes are anything to go by by the end of their first round ( if that happens but with only a 6 %lead in the polls getting more doubtful by the day , Daves not proving himself is he . Possibly all that blather about ” cast iron promises !)most will have sunk into obscurity .
    The other thing that makes me so wary of them is that as well as having no relationship with the seats they are fighting very few seem to have done anything like an apprentiship by getting onto a local council as they used to do in the old days.Instead they have been on quangos or Tory think thanks, great .
    I clearly remember the likes of Emily Blatch serving so well on CCC before heading south.
    They cant and wont all get to the top of the greasy pole at Westminster and whole swathes of the country are going to find themselves ( Suffolk and Norfolk without a doubt ) with no voice what so ever for their own concerns .
    I doubt that before her selection Ms Truss even knew where Norwich was on the map other than vaguely above London .
    Its frankly a disgrace and I dont understand how you cant see it.

  2. Stephen, it’s great to hear from you, and thanks for the link to your candidates, a great idea.

    disaffected, I think that expression “Cameron cuties” is as insulting as “Turnip Taliban” and “Suffolk swede”. They are just bright women – wherever they come from – and committed to becoming Conservative MPs.

    Richard, I agree with your point. It’s that lot south of the M25 who need educating!

    Dick, nobody minds being teased about those names – and thanks for the clarification about Norfolk dumplings and Essex turnips – but the media has used these expressions to denote that East Anglians are a thick bunch.

    Anne, this is the answer to your question about the origins of New York and the Big Apple:

    Why is New York City called the “Big Apple”?
    Racing, jazz musicians and a tourism campaign all play a part.

    By Heather Cross, Guide

    This commonly asked question got me wondering, why do we call New York City the Big Apple? While I’ve seen several apple trees in New York City, I don’t particularly recall them as being in notable quantity — there are certainly more pigeons than apples in New York City, but we don’t call New York City the “Big Pigeon.” As with anything New York, there are many opinions and contradictions.

    In the early 1920s, “apple” was used in reference to the many racing courses in and around New York City. Apple referred to the prizes being awarded for the races — as these were important races, the rewards were substantial.

    Based on the research of Barry Popik, the use of “Big Apple” to refer to New York City became clearer. Popik found that a writer for the New York Morning Telegraph, John Fitzgerald, referred to New York City’s races “Around the Big Apple.” It is rumored that Fitzgerald got the term from jockeys and trainers in New Orleans who aspired to race on New York City tracks, referring to the “Big Apple.”

    In the late 1920s and early 1930s, New York City’s jazz musicians began referring to New York City as the “Big Apple.” An old saying in show business was “There are many apples on the tree, but only one Big Apple.” New York City being the premier place to perform was referred to as the Big Apple.

    A 1971 campaign to increase tourism to New York City adopted the Big Apple as an officially recognized reference to New York City. The campaign featured red apples in an effort to lure visitors to New York City. It was hoped that the red apples would serve as a bright and cheery image of New York City, in contrast to the common belief that New York City was dark and dangerous. Since then, New York City has officially been The Big Apple.

    In recognition of Fitzgerald, the corner of 54th & Broadway, where Fitzgerald lived for 30 years, was renamed “Big Apple Corner” in 1997.

  3. Dick wishart

    I lived down there for 30 odd years and was born and brouight up just over the border in Essex, cant see the problem its always been Suffolks swedes, Norfolk dumplings & Essex turnips!!

  4. Ellee, like many in the UK dominated London media they thing the world stops at the M.25. Try living in the Scottish Borders which most people, even in Scotland, remain oblivious to. In America they have the fly-over states, we’re one of the drive-through counties.

  5. With all these swedes and turnips, there seems a lot to eat!

  6. disaffected

    Ellee it isnt the media that is insulting local conservative associations it is the Tory Notting Hillset who are foisting upon them the ” Cameron cuties ”
    These so called wiz girls that Cameron and Co are determined to give safe Tory seats to come hell or high water will neither know nor care about the areas they represent .
    Central office lists no locals allowed , all girl bands , and Call me Dave tries to pretent that he will give more power back to the people .
    I imagine Joseph Stalin made similar claims at the start of his career in politics.

  7. Or how about the Suffolk Beet!! I learnt something today, I never knew apples were that popular in Suffolk…and why is New York called the Big apple??

  8. Well said Ellee!
    Perhaps we ought to get the Wurzels to re-record their 70’s hit – “I am a Suffolk Cyder Drinker!”
    Check out the candidates here;

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