Research within the NHS – life science companies invited to share their thoughts and experiences

I’m planning to attend a fascinating One Nucleus  Bench to Boardroom event in Newmarket on 6 March which will scrutinise how life science companies can can work successfully within the NHS, an increasing developing market, for example, the recent collaboration of the Virgin Health Bank at Cambridge University Hospitals.

A workshop on this theme, entitled “The NHS – Virgin Territory?” will be led by client Greer Deal, Director of Global Regulatory Services, who will provide examples and case studies to demonstrate how the private sector can work successfully within the public sector. The key speaker for the day is Sir Christopher Evans, the entrepreneur behind some of Cambridge’s most successful biotech companies.

Greer says: “It is important to recognise that the UK government is keen to promote research and innovation and the use of research evidence, the expertise which we have in abundance in our Cambridge biomedical cluster.

“Time and time again I have spoken to people who have no idea about the possibility or mechanisms for conducting studies within the NHS, particularly in primary care, and I hope our workshop will be provocative and give people a deeper understanding about potential collaborations between the public and private sector, and the benefits they can provide.

“I believe it is crucial that we build on our research successes within our NHS and their exemplary model so we can build on this, enabling similar opportunities to be developed globally.”

Bench-to-Boardroom is a valuable networking opportunity for the life sciences industry, providing an informative and stimulating “away day” with like-minded scientists and researchers. Further information is available at this link.