The death of a heroine, Marie Colvin

I was stunned to learn of the death of Marie Colvin, whose war reports I avidly read in awe, always thinking about the risks she took to tell us about the terrible atrocities she witnessed in war zones.

Fearless journalists, men and women alike, pay the ultimate price to bring us the truth about despotic regimes; their lives far removed from their phone hacking counterparts whose reputation tainted this industry.

Without doubt Marie’s name will live on with a special memorial at St Bride’s Church in Fleet Street which I visited in 2007, the spiritual home of press, print and journalism for the last 500 years. This church tells many stories of Maria’s brave fellow correspondents who were killed in the pursuance of truth.

Even losing an eye in a Sri Lankan war zone did not stop Marie’s quest for truth.

What a truly astonishing and heroic woman.