What is the best alternative for Timely?

I really miss Timely, the brilliant social media platform which was free and simple to use for scheduling tweets. It was recommended by my website designer Ian McKendrick, but has now been taken over Demandforce who suggested a couple of alternatives, Hootsuite and Buffer.

I googled a question about the best alternative for Timely and was taken straight to a Quora post on this issue where Crowdbooster and Sprout Social were recommended.

I then tweeted my favourite social media guru Neville Hobson for his recommendation, and he suggested GaggleAMP, as well as saying he had heard good things about Hootsuite.

As far as I can tell, none of the alternatives work the same way as Timely for its ease of use. If I have to subscribe to a new platform, it would be good to hear what others think about the best alternative for Timely before I sign up.

That’s the problem when you are spoilt for choice, it makes it harder to decide.