Anglesey Abbey’s snowdrop walk

Now the weather has picked up, I recommend that all garden lovers visit Anglesey Abbey, just outside Cambridge, to enjoy the National Trust’s first ever winter walk designed by their inspirational retired head gardener Richard Ayres.

It now attracts thousands of visitors each year who admire the mix of winter flowers on an all-weather path, including more than 240 varieties of snowdrops. It’s impossible not to feel uplifted by the joy of it.

I explored the gardens a couple of weeks ago and it was heaving with delighted visitors. A new addition is the new woodland Lime Tree lookout children’s woodland adventure tree house and play area. There is lots of interactivity, including creating musical tunes from a giant xylophone made from woodland materials; it is terrific fun which even the adults cannot resist. How I wish this had been there when my two sons were younger, they would have loved running around this wonderful woodland and climbing trees. This is a very welcome new attraction for families and will be a great place for Easter egg hunts and other children’s activities throughout the year.

Here is a slideshow of some of the pictures I took during my visit, including the new woodland.