Minister Milliband Refuses to Converse with Bloggers

David Milliband has a very trusting face and I’m sure he meant well when he started his blog, only he has fallen at the very first hurdle by not only failing to reply to those who started a conversation with him, but refusing to discuss topics that do not form part of his ministerial responsibility.

This very issue was raised by me last week on the Minister’s site, particularly as the Labour cash for peerage scandal was a top news item which highlighte a murky a distasteful side of politics – not pleasant at all. (please scroll down to the end of the page for my comment)

Surely he would want to counteract that, tell the truth as he sees it. It appears not. Since then, Milliband has point blank refused to budge. In his words, he says is blog is intended to be topical, but isn’t a running commentary on political affairs, especially not party politics. If you want those views, he tells his fellow bloggers, we must read his fortnightly column in the Shields Gazette. And he kindly provides us the web link to do so.

He goes on to say that a colleague called Bridget Prentice made a statement about this matter in the House. The problem is that a newspaper column, however worthy and honest, is not the same as a two way conversation. We feel cheated. Is this the kind of response he wanted?

His views have also annoyed bloggers who asked him why he has a blog in this case, some have also taken exception that it is funded by public money. Will he reply to the blogger who wants to know if they can have a debate on council tax? Or will he pass over to Bridget Prentice again?

Please let me know if Minister Milliband replies to your blog, I await in anticipation. I’m sure he will not hesitate to do so in the run up to the next election.

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