A blog free weekend

I have a serious academic assignment to complete for my CIPR diploma and need to have a blog free weekend. The CIPR has recently published a consultation document on social media guidelines and is inviting comments, anyone interested can check it out here.


  1. A blog-free weekend? Impossible!
    Nicely said, blogging is very addictive, it is like the new myspace.

  2. A blog-free weekend? Impossible!

  3. I did manage the Bond film and a 3 mile walk, you know what they say about too much work ….

    Simon C, Good luck with you assignment, it’s a real bummer having it over Christmas. I guess that will mean another blogging break as I find it too distracting when I need to focus totally on studying.

  4. Hi Ellee

    Good luck with the diploma – I’m doing it at Leeds Met too. Our last pre-CRT session was last Thurs/Fri so not long before the assessment is set and I’m not looking forward to it one bit!

  5. Good for you! my daughter just deleted her blog….. she confessed to spending over 2 hours a day on it.. :o)

  6. Interesting blog you have here..

  7. Ellee, did you not concern yourself with the cricket or football scores?

  8. Gosh, good luck with that Ellie. I hope you manage to stick to your guns and stay away from the blog…

    (I’m running about like a headless chicken getting work done myself, so I can finally get back to what I love best, back to blogging.)

  9. What is a nice girl like you doing mixing with that bitch Neville-Jones ? She is the one that stitched up Greg Dyke because she didn’t have the guts to stand up to Tony Blair !

    Wash that girl right out of your hair…

    Good luck with the CIPR

  10. So, Lady Ellee, no backsliding with a little bit of blogging now!

  11. sally kelly

    Dont work too hard Ellee, you need to get some walking in too, needless to say thats what i will be doing….138 miles walked in november!!

  12. But you said you might see the Bond film this weekend!

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