Third prostitute’s body found, yet they continue to walk the streets

The body of a third prostitute has been found in woods near Ipswich sparking fears that a serial killer is on the loose.

Yet amazingly, some of these women are still continuing to work because they need the money. This is complete madness.

Simon Aalders, who is coordinator of the Suffolk Drug Action Team and works with prostitutes in Ipswich, said women continued to walk the streets in the town despite the dangers, because they were in a desperate situation and needed the money.

Some women are stopping their activity but some aren’t. And I think that what that shows really is that a lot of these women are in desperate – extremely desperate – situations and things like drug dependency and poverty are really pushing women into this sort of activity.”

I would strongly urge them to remember what the English Collective of Prostitutes said on Friday.

every woman is someone’s mother, daughter, sister, aunt, beloved and friend”.

This is time for you to place your safety first and stop until this killer is caught, don’t be so stupid, don’t play into his hands, please value your lives.

Update 6.50pm: Tragic news, two more prostitutes missing.



  1. Liz, I assumed licensed brothels might be the answer, though any legislation for this will only be successful if it has the support of those it intends to protect. Maybe the government – and all of us – consider decrimminalisation too great a step – but it may well be the right solution, somthing that needs serious consideration, and something which I shall give great thought to as well.

  2. I agree with out from under. Its not a question of ‘pimps’ (more streetwalkers are freelancers than common mythology will have you believe) but rather the need to eat, and sadly in some cases to get a fix. That is the overriding concern for these poor women, not ‘madness’, ‘stupidity’ or being ‘controlled’ by some ‘bully’ (Victorian term for pimp). Victorian sexual mores and prejudices persist when this matter is being debate, and people’s assumptions, based on popular prejudice, is often wrong. I’ve known quite a few prostitutes in my time and more were freelancers than were not.

    Meanwhile I’m nt in favour of ‘licensed brothels’ – I am in favour of decriminalisation, which is the position that the ECP take and is what the law is in New Zealand. I’m staying in NZ right now so I intend to find out more on how the law has worked in practice.

  3. I just hope that this person is caught before any more women have to die. No doubt we will be subject to the inevitable sob story about how he was mis-treated as a child. More likely this person will be killing as a result of having been released early from prison after his social worker said he was safe.

  4. It looks like there is someone out there tryin g to emulate Jack The Ripper.

    The ladies need to be careful of clients; perhaps stick to ‘regulars’ if they must carry on.

  5. Legalised prostitution sounds like the best alternative – whether or not it would stop such hidious murders in the future would be extremely difficult to know.

    However, loud calls for the re-introduction of ‘Victorian morals’, will not help our modern society advance, nor will it help street-walking prostitutes in Ipswich.

    It seems that none of the major political parties would even contemplate legalising prostitution – until they do, the lives of prostitutes will always be perceived as cheap and worthless.

    Indeed Ellee, have you ever thought about campaigning for legalised brothels? To your credit, you have highlighted their plight – but, I couldn’t see campaigning for legal brothels going down well with Tory members in your neck of the woods – especially when the Tories are talking about resurrecting ancient moral ideas.

  6. If they “put their safety first” they’ll starve. Somehow I think their need to eat will be their over-riding concern.

  7. Elle,

    I have contacted Elanor Laing and Ruth Kelly and I’m waiting for some sort of reply back. I’ve also done some further research into the legalisation of prostitution in Amsterdam and Switzerland. I’m trying to qualify at the moment who the relevant people are to get the stats and information I want to put forward.

    I have forgotten and I am working on this. I’ll update as soon as I hear anything.

  8. I think Welshcakes is probably right — that prositution is illegal lends a lot of power to pimps and the choice about whether to continue is probably not theirs.

    What we need is for the police to be able to monitor the areas visibly without the prostitutes feeling they have to leave the area.

  9. There is somebody out there who having killed once, cannot stop. You posted on the first murder a week or so ago, I think the media will go for the shock,horror,ripper angle,and not the danger, we do need to protect women who are involved in prostitution, licensed brothels should be considered instead of our current prissy Victorian laws that do not face upto reality.

  10. A brave post, Ellee. I suppose, along with the desperation, there’s an “it won’t happen to me” attitude. And are some of the women being forced to carry on working by those who control them?

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