So where is Bona Mugabe?

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Bona Mugabe? Our government thought she was studying at the LSE, but this has been hotly denied by the university. So is she in the UK or isn’t she?

Regardless of her whereabouts, the Foreign Office is pressing ahead with a travel ban against Robert Mugabe’s family . I wonder why a similar ban was not imposed against Stalin‘s daughter Svetlana when she moved to Cambridge in 1982, and her daughter Olga who was educated at The Friends’ Quaker school in Saffron Walden. Olga Peters is today listed as one of the schools alumni and associates, along with our great actress Dame Judi Dench, Philip Amis, the son of Kingsley Amis and Baron Newton of Braintree, a former Leader of the Commons.

There is no explanation as to how Foreign Office Minister Ian McCartney  made such a humiliating cock-up yesterday, with his officials quick to save their skin saying that he had become a bit confused” on the issue. Is he fit for office, if this is the case?

I asked MP James Dudderidge, whose question in the Commons raised this matter, for an update, and in an email this morning, he said he was waiting for clarification himself:

The FCO are now saying he “(McCartney) misrecollected” an earlier briefing and is a “bit confused”.  He is reportedly going to apologise to the House, but I have not seen anything from him saying she is not studying in the UK, although Sky got an email from Zim that looks possible and says that she is doing her A levels in Harare…  I will make sure you get another brief when things become clearer.  The LSE have issued a denial although I have not seen this.”

So I hope to keep you posted on further updates from James.

It is not believed that Bona Mugabe (pictured next to her shopoholic mum Grace) is politically active, so should she pay for the sins of her father? However, the name Mugabe is associated with revulsion and allowing his daughter to be educated here is tantamount to offering support to his family. I just wonder why why the same ban didn’t apply to the tyrant Stalin‘s kin.


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  2. Firsty i am a zimbabwean by birth and currently staying in Zimbabwe.Mugabe and his cronies have in doctrinated us and keep doing so ,that the west(U.S.,N. America and Europe )are evil since they colonised and treated us badly ,but tha is now water under the bridge.He indoctrinates us to hate them whilst in actual fact he secretly likes and adores them that is why he sent Bona to a school in London .My question is :why did he leave schoolws in Zimabwe which he boasts to havethe best educartion in the world which he has destroyed?

  3. Elle - oops, I meant Kim

    Courtney – I don’t agree with you (at least not entirely).
    Mugabe is the driving force of Zimbabwe’s problems. Land was not a big issue until Mugabe spent millions of Zimbabwe’s Dollars on funding the war with DRC (in return for gold mines). Zimbabwean’s were not happy, they wanted a change, more for their country etc and hence a new President.

    This was the very 1st time Mugabe had been defied, he was always loved by most. Then, in an attempt to keep people happy, he suddenly offered “war vets” money, around $Z50 000, which was quite a handsome amount back then.
    However as the saying goes, you can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.

    Mugabe knew people were not backing down, and he did not want to step down, this was in the late nineties. MDC was standing tall and strong, so Mugabe said he was going to redistribute land, in an attempt to remain in power.

    We all know that the land issue was to be funded by the briish government, this never happened for more than 20 yrs since independencce in Zimbabwe. Mugabe used this to remain in power. Gave some Zimbabweans land, instructed others to attack white farmers etc. Somehow I feel if the land issue was sorted out ages ago, Mugabe wouldn’t have used this to try and remain in power.

    But, I am sure he would have found something else. I don’t know why he is hanging on so tightly to this presidency thing, he has failed, he should step down and let others take over.

    Overall, until Mugabe agrees for Aid to reach Zimbabweans (he keeps it for elections so he can get votes), until the situation changes for better – him and his cronies shouldn’t be allowed to enjoy life at the expense of poor Zimbabweans.

  4. If you have seen Zimbabweans living in the UK, you would realise how much they struggle to look after their families at home. I know of young Zimbabweans who would love to go to very expensive schools that mugabe sends his children too (including the ministers), but they simply cannot afford to, yet the country’s money is being spent to fund lavish lifesyles of these children overseas. Most are known to Zimbabweans in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, Malaysia etc – there is even a forum listing their names. Why don’t they go back to Zimbabwe and enjoy the country that is being run by their parents. If it’s that good why are they not studying in Zimbabwean Universities, why are they spending so much money outside the country when people are dying of hunger in Zimbabwe? Education in Zimbabwe is not free, from pre – school (nursery) you have to pay, what about those who cannot afford to, i.e the majority of Zimbabweans, the government does not help them, instead they send them home for not paying fees? Zimbabweans want a ban on all the ministers as well as their familes. Grace Mugabe’s family is living it up in a mansion in Texas, go figure!

  5. Ellee,

    You ask ‘what is the alternative’?

    I think the alternative is to ask ‘what is the real problem in Zimbabwe’? To me, Mugabe is the least of Zimbabwe’s problems – the main problem (I’m sorry to say) is the fact that less than 1% of the population of Zimbabwe (whites), still own more than 70% of available arable land.

    In a desperate effort to avoid handing back farmland to its rightful owners (Zimbabwian peasants), the landed white gentry simply started funding the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).

    If anything, the MDC has helped to frustrate the land reforms in Zimbabwe – and the delays in handing over the land has meant that what used to be the ‘bread-basket’ of Africa, is now struggling even to feed its own people.

    Indeed, land reform in Zimbabwe, is in fact, a central component of realising economic development in that country – without it, everyone in Zimbabwe will lose out.

    Another thing we need to remember is the fact that it was the Conservative government of John Major who honoured Mugabe with a full-blown Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath (KCB) no less, back in 1994.

    As for newmania’s comment;
    “How about she stays here but we advertise where she is to the many families in London”. Just sounds pretty childish in the extremes to me – but nevertheless, a rather popular British view on everything Zimbabwian.

  6. For reasons you state yourself, it shouldn’yt matter.
    She is the daughter of Mugabe, not Mugabe.

    If we stand for principles, we hould shopw them.
    Genetic inheritance is closer to tribal ideals thn th ones we pretend to stand for…

  7. I was going to say what “tory boy…” said about Stalin’s daughter. I don’t think that “the sins of the fathers ” and all that should apply these days but I do wonder who is paying for BM’s education. Making her a target for the vengeful – and I have taught some people who had fled her father’s regime and know they have reason to feel vengeful – is not going to bring the murdered back and is hardly something that a civilised country should do.

  8. Courtney, You are absolutely right to say that securing our Marines’ freedom should be a priority, I really hope it is.

    Regarding Mugabe, as you say, what is the alternative? Hasn’t be decimated his opponents so there is none?

  9. I’d like to know why is there so much angst and anxiety over the whereabouts of Mugabe’s daughter?

    Why do we need the state to waste precious time and more importantly, money, investigating where she maybe?

    Also – why is everyone looking forward to the collapse of the Zimbabwe government, when no one has paid little, to scant regard about the consequencies?

    Everyone appears to want Robert Mugabe’s head on a platter, but no one has any idea as to what should replace him. Why is there so much one-sided thinking of Zimbabwe from it’s critics in Britain? Indeed, why should I even bother to heed/listen to any of the criticism heaped on the rulers of Zimbabwe – from it’s former colonial master?

    Haven’t the British, and especially our government got more important things to do – like getting back some marines from Iran for a start?

  10. This is James Dudderidge’s latest statement on Bona Mugabe:

    James Duddridge, MP for Rochford and Southend East, has received a letter from the Foreign Minister apologising for making an “incorrect answer? in the House of Commons yesterday. But James remains puzzled as to whether Bona Mugabe is or is not studying at the London School of Economics.

    Speaking today, James said:

    “I’m absolutely bewildered by the Foreign Office’s continually changing statements. First the Minister said Bona Mugabe is at the LSE, then I received reports that the Foreign Office had already issued that information, and now the Minister has written to me apologising for his incorrect answer in the Commons.

    ?I’m confused as to why the Minister would have made the mistake in the first place, given that I had given him notice of my question in advance and that it only required a simple ‘yes or no’ answer. I don’t understand why he hasn’t issued a simple, clear retraction stating that Bona or no other member of the Mugabe family is studying in the UK.

    “If the Government are considering extending the travel ban to other members of the family, why haven’t they conduced a full investigation to ascertain where they are?

    “The Minister was quick to brief the press to say that he didn’t mean what he said in the Commons, and wrote to me late last night to that effect, but he needs to come back to the House of Commons to correct his earlier statement.?

  11. Tory Boy, You are right, and Svetlana is now living in America. Interesting how a British school was chosen to educate her daughter. And I wonder what Bona would say about her father too, if she would renounce him.

  12. The obvious reason why the ban did not apply to Stalin’s daughter was that she had denounced her father – do you seriously think that she would have been able to defect to the US in the sixties if she hadn’t. The denunciation was real as her many subsequent pronouncements make clear. The poor woman’s mother was driven to suicide by Stalin for pity’s sake.

  13. Am I right then in thinking that we don`t actually know if she is here or not ? How about she stays here but we advertise where she is to the many families in London whose relatives have been slaughtered by the Mugabe regime .

    Is it possible that concerns of this sort are behind the reticence ? I `m told there is amodicum of bad feeling in the air what with the hacking children to pieces and all.

    Would she be safe? I doubt it

  14. David, That’s true, but we are still talking about Stalin’s next generation and Cambridge had many sensitivities regarding spies then, do you remember the Cambridge Five?

  15. Is perhaps one difference that Stalin was a tyrant from the past and Mugabe is still very much with us?

  16. Bedd Gelert

    Ellee, I agree that this isn’t exactly sending out the right message. But I can see that denying her an education is not, realistically, going to do anything to calm Mugabe down – he might even be tempted to take more revenge on his people.

    Would be interested to know Boris Johnson’s take on this, as he sees British education as a ‘Centre of Excellence’ which we should be shouting from the rooftops as a way of getting foreigners to better appreciate the country.

    Certainly we should do nothing that would put Ms Mugabe’s personal safety at risk. Of more concern to me is the fact that Mugabe’s wife seems to enjoy shopping trips to Europe. Now that is not something that can be justified.

    Ms Mugabe’s education, on the other hand, may be the best hope that the next generation will be spared the ignorance of the current one. On this theme the film ‘Catch a Fire’ starring Tim Robbins has an excellent take on the struggles in apartheid era South Africa, and how they have learned to move on after the ANC campaign.

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