Penny for her thoughts


Interesting body language here, with Barack Obama appearing relaxed and in control, staring directly at Hillary Clinton who averts her full gaze and seems edgy. Or is she the one in control and he is trying to win her approval? What does this pic say to you? What is Barack saying to Hillary, and what is on her mind? The Greek Goddess sets the scene.

Update: 6 April. Maybe Barack is smiling because he has raised more funds than Hillary.


  1. She is cool and in control. He is like her teenage son at prom night. looking for approval

  2. electro-kevin

    Perhaps there are no thoughts there at all and Hillary Clinton is in neutral, hence what may be innocent repose rather than plotting. Because we assume her every move to be meaningful, we take the pictured expression to be of deep thought and vision rather than simple daydreaming. This common confusion of facial expression is useful at times:

    Today I bumped into my neighbour and I’d forgotten what a gargoyle she is. I mean horrifically ugly, and though we never got to see the Blair Witch this is what I imagine she would look like. Hooked nose, evil little eyes, carpet teeth, warts a hacking smoker’s cough and cackling laugh … Uurgh ! And I’m not picky, I promise you. After two years of living next door to her (she keeps herself to herself)I am still shocked by the sight of her.

    It’s a really good thing that the facial expression for being totally terrified is so close to that of being gleefully and insanely happy – though she is registered as a clairvoyant she has thus far been unable to detect anything other than that her appearance always pleases me. Perhaps the twinge of discomfort I experience over the next few days will be the result of her sticking pins in a Voo Doo doll in my image.

    Pray for me.

  3. I think she’s thinking, “Keep talking you, *bleep*-hole, I ain’t listening! You don’t stand a chance! You boring man!”

  4. I agree with the above – this is a caption competition! And if you look closely his eyes are looking up at her hair line…. I’m sure there are so many funny speach bubbles to be thought of. Thanks for the photo. Michelle

  5. Q9, I do apologise, I think I confused the “mature woman” remark with a comment left by Bedd Gelert – and I do concur with that, as one myself. You both have the same kind of rhythm in your comments, you could be twins almost.

    Yes, I’d be happy to talk to you at any time re the European elections, though when I spoke to my MEP last week, he told me the selection process had been postponed for a year, which makes sense in the circumstances.

  6. How appalling she looks and just what were they doing so close together?

  7. oops that anonymous was I, forgot to sign in

  8. I think she is wondering what paper to decorate the Oval Office in.

  9. electro-kevin

    I think the post title sums up who’s in charge here “Penny for her thoughts” – no one really cares what he’s thinking, do they ?

  10. Great, caption competetition.

    How about ‘Fancy swapping the half Black American vote for the New York Primaries?’

  11. I wouldn’t vote for the lady but I’ve always had some sympathy with her over hair, with which she had a battle until she had it cut short. She looks to me as if she’s thinking, “He’s about as convincing as Bill”.

  12. Q9, No, she would not get my vote, she’s too sterile. If a woman can’t smile because she is afraid of a few wrinkles, what chance does America stand under her leadership?

    But I do think her appearance has improved considerably compared to how goofy and gauche she used to look in her younger days. I believe you like mature women, what do you think about her?

  13. I’d say Hilary is in control (at least of herself) and he is trying to get her attention and win a smile
    But, apparently Hilary has on her mind that smiles cause wrinkles, so is trying to remain aloof, because she daren’t ‘crack’ into a smile

    So Elle, would you vote for Hilary? – lol!

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