The £17 wonder wrinkle cream

I must admit I sent my husband off to scour a few Boots stores for its astounding £17 wrinkle wonder cream. Only, hundreds of others had the same idea following media reports that this miracle cream could perform wonders and it had sold out.

Twenty four hours after  an independent study said it really reduced wrinkles,  there wasn’t a single jar of Boots No7 Protect & Perfect serum to be found in Britain. Sales had increased by 2,000% overnight, stores had amassed waiting lists running into four figures, the company’s web store had 4,000 requests in an evening and thousands of pleas from the US, and single jars of the serum were changing hands for £100 on eBay.

I was amazed to read that scientist Steve Barton uses the recipe he created on his himself as he does not appear wrinkle-free to me.

I can recommend an even cheaper product, a vitamin C and E time-defying capsule which I have started using and is on special offer in Tesco at around only £6 or £7. The package claims that 80% of users saw an immediate improvement in their skin tone, but the trials were carried out on only 56 people over two weeks, which is hardly qualitative and quantitative feedback. I’m not sure what the guideline is for this.

I have interviewed dermatologists and they all say the same thing, that expensive face creams are no better than cheaper versions, the best advice is to use a sunscreen and stay out of the sun. It also helps if you are born with good genes.

Is there a recommendation you can pass on that won’t  break the bank,  or are you a fan of Creme de la Mer? Do you think expensive face creams are worth the money?


  1. Ellee, I dont think they can do anything to stop people re-selling stuff at full price.

    If Id have sold any I’d bought with my discount Id have been (rightly) fired.

    Mind you I do literally have a lifetimes supply of Tony and Guy, Sanctuary products, and so on that I bought during my time there. A man really shouldnt have so many health and beauty products!

  2. You don’t need any special creams Ellee

  3. I use Garnier Skin Naturals Day and Night Cream..have tried others. I would say try what you can afford and if they work, well thats brilliant. And when I am out in the sun,which is not that often, I always cover up with a high factor cream.

  4. Sally, I certainly hope you will use a good sun factor cream when you walk the G20 in Corsica this summer. You must look after it and keep it well nourished and hydrated. End of lecture.

  5. And Iam still a very naughty girl and only very occasionally use any cream on my face….oohhh i can hear you shouting at me Ellee !!

  6. I am using a personal trainer at the moment,

    Goodness you are flash. I got one free with Gym membership once for a week and I must say it improved the view considerably.

  7. Jonathan, Do you still have any influence there? Just thought I would ask on the off chance. Some people are making quite a tidy profit on Ebay:

  8. Ellee – You should have told me last year. When I worked for Boots I worked a walk away from the factory where all this stuff is made – I could have picked you upa few boxes.

    They actually do some amazing work in the field of suncream and are world leaders in the field.

  9. Newmania, Sorry if my post wasn’t clear, the serum was intended for me and I asked my husband to pop into Boots and buy one for me to save me popping out as he works in a city while I am based in a village.

    A couple of years ago I bought him a jar of men’s Nivea face cream as a stocking filler – and a joke – but he has never used it.

    Keep up the good work with the exercises, I am using a personal trainer at the moment, it makes the treadmill much more fun.

  10. No man should ever use a beauty product of any sort.They are for girls.

    I do not believe that women really preferthe effeminate metro-sexuals they claim to and I suspect that most women in some part of them despise a man who becomes a pomaded fop. Happy basting Ellee I will go no further than watching my weight and taking some excercise.

  11. oops I went anonymous or under cover on previous post, seems I must still remember to log in when I comment.
    Look forward to reading more on this face cream stuff – alas the fount of eternal youth still the alchemyst’s hottest(?) pursuit

  12. I think the basic ingredient in all of these things is lanolin, a fatty substance obtained from sheep wool. I think the higher prices of the more expensive ones are due to the costs of hiring supermodels like Claudia Schiffer to advertise them “because you’re worth it” 🙂

  13. PS. I have never tried such stuff, and my grandfather only ever used metholated spirits as an aftershave (lived till he was 88), and had a face as smooth as a babies…..( not really but its a good story) ;o)

  14. Reduces Wrinkles? Well Ishall have to try some when I iron my shirt….

  15. Michelle, Absolutely right, I always use SPF 30 each day, even in the winter, on top of my moisturiser.

    Kevin, I only ever use Baby Johnson lotion to keep my face clean too…..

  16. electro-kevin

    Whatever they use on babies’ bottoms must be good – I’d use that.

  17. I’m sure the BBC ran a story recently saying that there was little difference between anti-ageing creams and cheap moisturisers. So it may well be more about profits than results. One thing to do would be to wear SPF… especially in this weather. Michelle

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