Did clairvoyants see this coming?

Even Sylvia Brown the Clown has signed this Downing Street petition to revise the Fraudulent Medium Act. I see Doris Stokes has also added her name.

I must admit I have my tarot cards read once a year, she is about 80% accurate. It’s just a bit of fun, I don’t live my life by what I hear.  But I did once insist on a refund from a charlatan at a funfair many years ago who spoke a load of codswallop.

What’s your experience of clairvoyants? Like Daniel Finkelstein, I will not be signing the petition, though I do appreciate there are fakes around, I think it’s impossible to regulate realistically. The phonies always get found out in the end. And, like me, just refuse to pay if you feel you are being conned.


  1. Cathy, that is an extraordinary story, and must have been quite terrifying. I will be interested to hear what you are told on Wednesday.

  2. seeing a tarot reader on wed so will let you know. she was on the button last time I saw her.
    Even to telling my son he was to have a near death experience which petrified me but she assured me it would be way of a warning to make him take notice of his life (strange I thought and very scary) within weeks on new years day his drink had been spiked and my husband and I watched in horror as we thought we had lost him.

    Thankfully he is here, remembers nothing about it, I cant think about the incedent without getting upset.So maybe there is something in reading the cards ?

  3. I have visited clairvoyants but never taken them seriously. I wouldn’t now as I can think of better ways to spend my money but I can see that people might go to them to receive a bit of “hope” in this life. Mediums who claim to be able to receive messages from others’ departed loved ones are a different matter though and I think they play horribly on people’s vulnerability. If it were possible for the dead to communicate with us, it would surely be very cruel of them not to do so directly with those who mourn them. When you visit these people you unwittingly give them information about yourself and they are very astute and know how to use it.

  4. my mother was always telling me that she was told by a gypsy woman who called at the door, that I would be off travelling and would never stop..she also told me I was born on a Thursday (“Thursday’s child has far to go”) In hindsight I cannot decide if this was perhaps wishful thinking on my mother’s part(??) So far it is certainly true but I do long to settle down, so I hope the last prediction is not so accurate. Ellee – you are very very kind and we share the same birth sign..
    Electro-kevin – it is said that every child is born into a different family; that might explain different behaviour?

  5. I am a Saggitarian and there are 5 million others like me in the country. How can 5 million people reading the same horoscope on the same day all be affected in the same way?

    I’m afraid I have always regarded anything in this realm as pure superstition. LOL!

  6. electro-kevin

    Gordon Smith, whom I mentioned earlier appears to have an ability to give full names, dates and places – locations of hidden objects, etc. Well revered in celebrity circles and also altruistic (he’s probably still a barber now).

    As for star signs, my boys were born 5 minutes appart and their moods and fortunes couldn’t be more disparate.

    As for my experience with the gypsy ? There had been a bust-up within the family and I had gone out with my mother, who is wheelchair bound, on an impromptu trip when this woman approached her; sensing a rip-off I tried to usher the woman away when she turned to me and gave me accurate information about the problems. As hard as I try I can’t work out how this could have been a set-up, especially as what she told me was for the benefit of the ostracised party who was living hundreds of miles away at the time.

  7. A little arrogant of Newmania to take the p out of clairvoyants. Of course, this is clearly another attempt by government to stifle free speech and freedom of thought and expression.

    Look, of course the world is full of charlatans dishing out dodgy information ( politicians are the worst) but I’m certain there is another world to that of the physical and financial.(I was told of a “proper” psychic who knew the day Thatcher would resign 5 years before the event.

    I think there’s enough anecdotal and other evidence to suggest that there is a paranormal, spiritual(or however you want to describe it) existence. Of course governments want to discredit these gifted people.

  8. I am a pisces.. which means i like to eat fish???? ha ah! born in the year of the water tiger, which means i like swimming? but I am a fish… so of course i do!

    Actually I have had some things said which were very close to the truth interms of personality and health….and they could not have known

  9. There is an honest to God law regulating psychics in the UK?

    If so, I think your cable systems need to Broadcast “Ghostbusters” every day like we have over here.

    Focus on the EPA inspector, that’s where you’re headed.

  10. Joe, Fri 13th doesn’t worry me at all, and I walk under ladders, that’s stuff and nonsense. We all have a few idiosyncracies to our nature, maybe this is mine.

  11. Can’t believe you still do this Tarot stuff, Ellee!!
    Mind you I’m scared of the looming Friday 13th, so Who am I to talk?

  12. Newmania, Maybe I could pass for Libra, but I am actually Cancer, the homemaker, with my Moon and Venus in Leo. So quite a mixture, but they do balance each other out nicely. My Midheaven is in Scorpio, which means I would make a good spy.

  13. I can’t see the point of that petition. People very rarely believe what they here from a fortune teller, but it can be a comfort to those who want to.

    How could a clairvoyant be prosecuted anyway? Who can prove whether what they say is right or wrong?!

  14. They are liars that prey on the weak and feeble minded . You should read Houdini’s book in which he exposed one after another for frauds although tragically he wanted to find a true way through.
    Hardly needs an act though is there really such a thing I can’t see that they are worse than most of the psychotherapists currently sucking resources out of the tax payer to no good purpose whatsoever. I have some experience of this and the cynical charlatanry that masquerades as medicine in our midst has entirely earned its dire reputation.

    No harm in “ What’s your star sign?? though..

    Libra ..and my name is Newmania
    Come with me baby to love land
    Let me show you how sweet it could be
    Making love with me

    I want you to

    Float Float on….etc.

    I see you as a Libra too Ellee because you are so balanced ?

  15. Kevin, what was your experience then? I agree with you about it going underground if over regulated, it wouldn’t bother me to the extent that I would seek it out there, but perhaps it would others.

  16. electro-kevin

    Gordon Smith (The Psychic Barber) is worth looking up.

    I had a really spooky encounter with a gypsy woman at a fairground about ten years ago – she didn’t want any money from me either.

    Important to note that a wager has been placed for anyone who can demonstrate anything paranormal – the £1m reward is as yet unclaimed.

    This sort of thing will always go underground if over regulated.

  17. Curly, What a good headline. So what happened to you then? I remember I was so incensed at being spun a load of rubbish, that in the end the fortune teller offered me my money back, I did not even have to ask for it, she could tell I was not impressed. She was one of the Petulengros in Hunstanton, I believe..

  18. Fortune teller = Fortune maker!

    (My experience.)

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