Thought of the day, from Hugh MacLeod


True, or not true? And when does one stop being young? Another succinct snapshot of life from Hugh.


  1. well I hope Geoff feels 20 aswell then…lol

  2. Stephen

    Well, they say a man is as old as the woman he feels !!!

  3. Sally, I wonder how young Geoff feels. !!!!

  4. well i feel about 20 !!

  5. How about a follow up: Being married is easy, all you have to do is argue and never have sex. 🙂

  6. Newmania, It is a bit raunchier than the normal stuff, and I did hesitate and have second thoughts, but it’s life, and I like us to talk about life here, and I’m very impressed by the honesty of the comments and their tone. Also, Hugh is a very respected and highly regarded cartoonist. Glad you like it. 😉

  7. I know this sounds bad but sex seems to find me . I have resisted but I am somewhat fed uo that it has taken until now ( when its to late ) for the female population to notice me.

    Bit raunchy for you Ellee.Like it

  8. You stop being young the day you realise that people slagging off “the youth of today” aren’t talking about your generation any more.

  9. electro-kevin

    One can always ‘find sex’ – it’s all just a matter of how fussy one is.

  10. I think when the young ladies stop looking at us with ‘those eyes’.

  11. when you have your own kids….

  12. lol Elle,
    Just what I had in mind on Saturday morning
    I guess one stops being young when one can no longer ‘find’ sex.

    PS – Not wishing to risk ‘rousing’ the wrath of any not so young ladies & gents
    Translate sex as anything orgasmic that gets one excited – or – floats your boat …
    whether it be chocolate or bottle of wine (better than sex, or better accompanied by sex)

  13. Never, to my way of thinking!

  14. um… hang on a minute……!!!!

  15. to answer your question…

    when you cannot remember the last time you thought about sex… ( ahahahahahahahh!!! cough cough…)

  16. Welshcakes, I feel much more confident now than when I was a teenager when I could never look a boy in the eyes. But they probably felt just the same, only I was too busy looking at the floor to notice. I hope I will be young at heart for ever.
    And love is never wasted, it is just different at different stages of our lives.

  17. Yes, I wouldn’t go back there for anything! I don’t think you ever have to stop being “young at heart”, though: my Dad used to say that what the young don’t realise is that when you get older you don’t feel any different inside. Only now do I understand how true that is. Perhaps “Love like youth is wasted on the young”, as the song says. [I’m off to bed ‘cos I’m getting sentimental1]

  18. I remember I was very, very, very shy as a teenager, and yes, it was difficult having to deal with hormones and exams on top of everything else.

  19. electro-kevin

    Oooh that and pass SATS, O & A levels, degrees, pay off student loans, get on the housing ladder …

    Being young is overrated – I wouldn’t swap places.

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