Tory Radio’s bright new look

I really like Tory Radio’s bright new banner, I think it looks very classy, with the spotlight on Conservative leaders past and present.

Jonathan Sheppard has written a series of “What Labour said” posts which highlight what Labour said in 1997, and what actually happened. If you have any further examples, you are invited to leave them in the comments.

Some of the issues under his scrutiny are NHS dentists, pensions and Post Offices. You can also leave a question for Party chairman Francis Maude.


  1. The poster looks great, but
    Thatcher is the heartless face of conservatism
    Major is the bland face of conservatism
    IDS is the bland smiling face of conservatism

    Where’s the ‘bald’ chap riding the roller coasterdown the water mountain wearing a baseball cap, that would have been the wanna be yankee look of uk conservatism.

    I think you missed out the best conservative of all time – you know – openly support US Oil interests and wars, increase spernding on the military and Trident, privatise council housing, double spending on the NHS and privatise nhs hospitals and GP surgeries, introduce university tuition fees and student loans.
    No other could have fulfilled the Thatcher Agenda, legacy or dream, like tuberculosis has

    But the dream of a house owning nation
    Do we have more people own their homes, Or
    have we simply sold off 2 million Council Homes
    and have 2 million more people renting from private landlords or RSLs.

  2. You cannot, or should not, edit history. I very much admire the work Iain Duncan Smith has done for social justice, he certainly deserves to be included in the banner:,,1886520,00.html

  3. I actually liked the banner when I saw it and a seeing IDS smiling was a nice addition. he looks genuinely happy on the photo. Michelle

  4. Johnathan, let’s just say I’d rather see Churchill on there than IDS 😉

    Could be nice to see a gradual timeline along the banner from say, Disreli, through Churchill, Thatcher and leading to Cameron of today. The full spectrum of Tory ideals … past and present.

    Either that or cabinet members of today. The problem is, when I look at the faces on that banner … I see an awful lot of failure.

  5. It’s a good design, with recognisable figures.

  6. Jonathan, Your pic wouldn’t have fitted in with your new design, but maybe you could have appeared as a mystery, shadowy figure somewhere in the background.

  7. Thatcher did come to power when I was 4 David. How far back would you like us to go? And Ellee – don’t you miss my ugly mug on the banner?

  8. A little too cluttered for my liking… and a little too focussed on modern day leaders.

    I thought the Tories had written IDS out of their history?

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