Sir Christopher Evans and the witch-hunt

I wonder if the Labour Party has returned the £1 million loaned to them by the benevolent Cambridge entrepreneur Sir Christopher Evans, who waits to hear whether charges will be made against him in the cash for honours row.

He has hotly denied any wrong doing and believes there was a witch hunt against him, and has been waiting for Labour Party to repay his loan.

Of the police investigation, he sounded like he had more than enough:

“I haven’t done anything wrong and I am sick of playing ball with these people.”

According to Sir Christopher, it was Lord Levy who over the years kept suggesting he deserved an honour, though he says he was never actually promised anything.

Obviously, courts of law need more evidence than a “nudge, nudge, wink, wink” type conversation that is open to interpretation. Let’s hope the CPS get it right; this could drag on for several years if appeals follow.

And remember, defendants have absolute privilege in court, meaning they can make allegations and slanderous comments and cannot be sued; the Jeremy Thorpe scandal which led to his downfall first came to light during a criminal trial.

What can of worms could this trial open if witnesses, and defendants, so choose?


  1. This could make better entertainment than UKIP’s tourism policies!

  2. Mmmmm, will whoever Gordon Brown proposes as Attorney General sanction proceeding to trial?

    Tony and Gordon’s decision to trash Iraq and destroy its people has a bearing on public opinion in this case. It IS in the “national interest” because the nation is interested in seeing this lot of incompetants become accountable for SOMETHING!

  3. Ummm…probably “No”…to the return of the one million pounds…it’s being held in “trust’!

  4. Nothing changes; I wonder how much this is costing us in terms of Police and CPS time? I keep hearing the words “in the public interest”, yet I cannot say that it could ever be in the public interest to spend hundreds of thousands of Public money in an attempt to show the Law in this case is being upheld. It Always has been the case that people in power will reward others who assist them to remain in power.
    Another angle is simple expediency – I once had a friend who lived in a tower block squat near the Elephant and Castle; they called themselves Trotskyites, until the local council (which by chance happened to be Tory) decided to let them become owners. Never was there a happier bunch of Tory council supporters…. there was no corruption; nothing was planned ; it was just human nature I think. Hard to legislate against, and even harder to prove . Anyway, why shouldn’t there be some reward??

  5. There needs to be arrests and imprisonments to conclude all this. Naturally the ‘top man’ Blair will get away.

  6. I continue to be amazed about what these people are supposed to have done wrong. Why don’t they get on with investigating crime?

  7. lol Elle, I like Chris Evans
    he could have been ‘harry potter’
    a conjurer who can make millions out of recycling epidurals (or cocaine) is cool!

    John Delorean tried it, but got caught – lol!
    Still at least they used the car in Back to the Future

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