Green is the new black

Who says celebrity endorsement doesn’t work?  I would have liked one of these £5 eco-friendly bleached cotton shopping bags too, but there was no way  I was going to get up early and queue,  even if Reese Witherspoon, Lily Allen and Alicia Silverstone carry them around.

I’m delighted that these bags carry a simple green message to encourage the reduction of plastic bags. They also look sturdy and practical . The Anya Hindmarch creations have now sold out, and are fetching around £200 on Ebay.

The bag’s must-have credentials were firmly secured when it was chosen as the goodie-bag for guests at the 2007 Vanity Fair Oscar night party. Only 20,000 went on sale in Sainsbury’s.

People queued for hours when a few of the bags were sold at Hindmarch’s London boutique last month, and  the simple bag has become a symbol of ethical intent. It’s cool to be seen to be green.

I can understand queuing to buy a house at a bargain price, but surely not a £5 bag. Have you ever queued up overnight and slept rough so you could snap up a bargain?


  1. Only 20,000 went on sale in Sainsbury’s but it was limited to 30 per store…our store apparently had a ticket system, whilst queing outside you got your ticket so only the first 30 got a ticket..then you could purchase the bag, and in Didcot I heard it was nearly like a riot!!! I think the police had to come. Thats what I heard anyway. It is beyond me, what is in peoples minds…

  2. Ellee,

    the wife of our local Labour apparatchik lost her council seat a few years ago and has been recycled at three subsequent elections in a desperate effort to get her back on! In recognition of such failed attempts at bag recycling I have commissioned the Boldon Colliery bag just for her!

    Cruel, isn’t it!

  3. Stephen

    I heard a guy say that he had queued for 2 hours after his shift and had been lucky enough to be able to buy one of these bags.
    He was going home to wake up his wife and give it to her as a surprise present!!
    Am I getting old and out of touch ???? A nice bunch of flowers or perfume I can understand…but a shopping bag !!!!! Does he give his wife a pair of marigolds and a hoover for her birthday???

  4. But in a rather beautiful irony some people took their green bags away in Sainsbury’s plastic bags

  5. Everything is relative. These bags are worth a fortune and therefore worth getting hold of at the moment.

    Beanie Babies were too for a long time!

  6. To queue up for a £5 bag is beyond extreme. These bags will probably be for sale in a lot higher quantity soon.

  7. Love it! Canvass with rope handles
    Old Denim could be recycled too
    to make ‘trendy’ shopping bags.

    I’ve never queued up all night for anything.
    However I’ve avidly waited all day looking forward to the evening – when in a promise

  8. Ian Lidster

    I might queue up for the 2nd Coming, but that’s about it. Yeah, the cloth backs are a great idea, but I am already growing weary of the ‘Green Guilt’ syndrome and the cash grabs that are resulting. The biggest offenders will be governments who have been given leave (via collective guilt) to slap taxes on all and sundry in the name of the environment. Taxes that will be applied to nothing other than general revenue. Excuse my cynicism, Ellee, but that’s the way I see it.


  9. The thing is, millions of people like me, those plastics carrier bags are essential – food shopping for me is a spur of the moment thing, something I might do on my way home from work.

    There appears to be a extra-perverse irony in relation to these Anya Hindmarch shopping bags, firstly, it seems that not many people will actually use these bags to put their eggs, tomatoes, fresh fish, or any other product that might spoil the bag.

    Secondly, the bag seems to miss the whole environmental point entirely – that point being, why can’t we recycle plastic carrier bags?

    Finally, it also appears that environmental concerns were the last things on the minds of people who queued for God knows how long outside Sainsbury’s yesterday – it would be interesting to know how much carbon all this fuss produced yesterday.

    Then again, having said all that, I wouldn’t exactly say no to one of those bags myself – would that make me a hypocrite?

  10. I blogged on the subject of green being the new black a few days ago. I agree with the whole idea of environmentally friendly bags but as I’m fond of saying, there’s more than one shade of green. The pity is green has been hijacked by the fashionistas. My concern is that EVERYTHING now is given an environmental slant. The publishing industry is even asking whether or not we consider ‘The social and environmental policies of the publishing company’ and ‘Whether the production of a book was carbon neutral’

    More about this daft trend here

    ‘The social and environmental policies of the publishing company’ and ‘Whether the production of a book was carbon neutral’

  11. I Like the look of the bag but would not go out my way to get one…..

  12. Much as I detest eco fascist and the sheer insipidity of its role in politics as an ” Area of agreement” I think the bag is good .Rather than tax and order I would approve of communal shaming for selfish people . I already look at huge and unnecessary cars in London as gauche and ridiculous. Fashion can play a part in our habits and it is less coercive than legislation. Fur seemed to work

    A Conservative, like me , believes that everyone should do exactly as they please more or less ,but also on the sort of society when they will want to behave responsibly and communally by choice; its a paradox I know . I believe that societal norms traditions and culture prompt people into caring for eachother and this evolving sub state control is essentially a freeing mechanism in the way that being obliged to practice the piano frees you to play it . Why should virtuous fashion not play a part for all its insincerity at times

    This may sound a bit airy fairy but David Cameron has made this link between green communities of accord as the beginning of new sort of Conservatism, a replacement for the Old Traditions some ( BUT NOT ALL) of which have lost their vitality. I think he has a point ,and this is the real meaning of his enthusiasm for Green issues.
    So often with David Cameron if you read what he says carefully he is not just a soppy Liberal he is trying to redefine Conservatism for now a job other leaders have not been up to. Only last night self Croydonian and City Unslicker were agreeing that he is a tremendously gifted politician.
    As a Leader he is inspirational and as Prime minister I am confident he will pick this ailing country up from the floor and set it on its feet for the bold new Millenium

    Any way I like the bag

    And David Cameron

  13. No, I’m too lazy! The bag looks all right and is a good idea but I’d want one that I could carry on my shoulder.

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