John Prescott’s shameful legacy

While the world debates the legacy of Tony Blair’s tempestuous leadership – 10 years on Wednesday – the legacy of his ridiculed deputy leader will come under far less scrutiny when he steps down. After all, what is there to say? What remarkable achievement has marked John Prescott’s term in office, one of the highest in the land, which limped from one scandal or disastrous decision to another ?

Meanwhile, having been booted unceremoniously out of Dorneywood, has it remained unoccupied since, with the taxpayer continuing to foot the bill?

While Tracey Temple may rue the day she embarked on her poorly judged fling with croquet loving Prezza, she is now barely recognisable a year later; let’s hope honours are not bestowed on Prescott after repeatedly bringing derision to his privileged position. 

The latest surprise is to learn that two-Jags Prescott is now an environmental champion; this is as convincing as saying Gordon Brown will abolish university tuition fees or inheritance tax.

Earlier this month, Prescott was was in Prague launching a youth forum on climate change, clutching his copy of the Stern report. At the same time, he is spearheading the destruction of our environment; if you can’t buy a house with a  decent sized garden in future years, you know who to blame, that is the Prescott legacy …..

He certainly kept us entertained, here he is, energetically punching a protestor. What are your highlights of the Prescott years?


  1. Bedd Gelert

    Oh, come along Ellee, you are just gloating because a ‘scarlet woman’ has got her come uppance by coining the money but losing her looks…

    And I didn’t think you girls were like that ;-]

  2. He should be sacked and forgotton. As my father reminds me – why complain about Cameron going to private school if Prezza is the alternative? The oaf is a sad example of belligerent union fodder. I hope they put Jon Cruddas in his place.

  3. I think the best thing we can say about ‘Two Jags’ is that his limitations were always so obvious that the purely symbollic office of Deputy PM was the most he was ever going to be entrusted with… So he’s almost like royalty really, isn’t he?

  4. we should award Tracey Temple a medal of honour. for whilst prezza was screwing his secretary, at least he couldnt screw the country.

  5. He’s well past his sell by date
    Two jags Prescott – politically incorrect

    He long stopped being the backbone of old labour. Being in power for too long and good living corrupts everybody – conservatives, old labourites & Blairites alike.

    The Labour Party lost direction the first day
    Mandelson set them on a course astray, and Blair just sailed on at the helm of a ship which had lost its way!

    So many good intentions, left no legacy
    All Blair will be remembered for is Iraq & War!

  6. I think he is a total oaf; just nothing whatsoever about the man to admire or respect. I think it outrageous that he should have ever been given a position in Government, but that was the ploy just to keep the TUs quiet (and it worked..)

  7. electro-kevin

    Correction – number 9.

  8. electro-kevin

    I didn’t post number 7.

    Who did that ? C’mon, own up – who was it ?

  9. Don’t forget when Tony resigns he’s going to be in charge until Gordon takes over.

    How much damage can he do

  10. This hypocrite isn’t much to remember. His visit to America and getting caught with Tracey Temple should have got anyone fired.

  11. electro-kevin

    He created a whole new language, punched a chav, learned to play croquet and serviced his secretary – what more do you want the poor man to do, Elle ?

  12. No argument there, Ellee, nor with Tom.

  13. I think it’s appalling that he held onto his job – or nonjob- after all that last year. But I remember that punch he gave cheering up a boring election campaign. As for TT, I’ll not waste my sympathy there. How does Prezza’s wife put up with him?

  14. Please don’t let the Labour Party off so lightly. Prescott is no NuLab aberration. He is NOT unusual. He is an absolutely typical Labour man. He differs neither from those around him at present nor from any of those I have known since I grew up in the Labour heartlands.

    Prescott was Labour while Anthony Charles Steven Lynton Blair was still fagging at Fettes. Prescott has neither the skill, the talent nor the industry ever to have honestly earned the price of his Jags or his turreted home. He owes every undeserved penny and perk (including his many free or subsidised homes and his exercise of the ministerial droit de seigneur) to the Labour Movement – i.e. his trade union and his Party. He is their man, bought and sold and they should be judged by his conduct as much as he should be judged by theirs.

    I agree he should not be honoured, but nor should any of them – even those who present rather better because of their superior education. At least with John, what you see is what you get.

  15. His finest hour was that conference speech where he seemed to persuade the party to trust Tone. It was an isolated triumph. What really go me was the croquet lawn photos last year. Does the man never learn anything? Apparently not. I hope Pauline gives him six-nil in the ears every day when he finally retires to private life. And I bet he dyes his hair.

  16. He is beyond contempt. The worst example of all that is bad about Nu-Lab. It’s barely believable that this man represents Great Britain at all sorts of international meetings and events. He’s a fraud, a bully and very likely much more that we don’t know about. It’s likely that we’ll never see his like again – which is about the best you can say of him.

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