Are you a psychopath?

Answer the following question to discover if you a psychopath, it is not a trick question:

A woman, while at the funeral of her own mother, met a guy whom she did not know. She thought this guy was amazing. She believed him to be her dream guy so much, that she fell in love with him right there, but never asked for his number and could not find him. A few days later she killed her sister.

Question: What is her motive for killing her sister?

The answer is in the comments.

Here are Michelle Tempest’s details if you need a psychiatrist.


  1. Well, I spent ages trying to work out a complex scenario before looking at the answer!

    I’m glad to say everyone is safe in my company!

  2. Ian Lidster

    Why — it would make huge sense — to a psychopath. Almost chilling, but cool.


  3. Calum, I am stunned! I recommend you contact Michelle asap.

    Heidi, many thanks.

  4. Help! Got it immediately.

    Says something – don’t know what it is – killed my blog, resurrected blog and now this.

    Also, thanks for your comment of support. I have my head back on the right way, I hope, and am now blogging again.

  5. Heidi

    Great blog !

  6. Wow! I’m glad I didn’t answer it correctly! But I know I’m not a psychopath anyway….but I thought perhaps he was a new beau of her sister’s and she wanted him all to herself….ummmm…I wonder what that makes me…perhaps I shouldn’t have divulged my guess! 😉

  7. Huh?

    I was totally bewildered.

    I guess that’s a good thing!

  8. Whew! Sure glad my mind went blank on that one! LOL
    Interesting stuff though!
    Have a great weekend Ellee 🙂


  9. Should I say oops if I got it right? heh

  10. Oops I got it immediately Has it ever occurrde to you Ellee that when Fred met Rose West ( say at a disco)…one must have said ” What do you like to do then”…

    five minutes later

    ” Well thats a bit of a coincidence….”

  11. Thanks for the link Ellee … certainly made me laugh. Michelle

  12. Yay… I flunked. But it was very interesting.

  13. Kevin – it’s called the killer instinct!

  14. electro-kevin

    … I didn’t get it. I was such a loss to the police service.

  15. electro-kevin

    Also the mind of a good detective, one would think.

  16. Is it bad that I’m disappointed that, after sitting back and mulling it over for several minutes, I was unable to figure it out?

    Great fun though.

  17. A psychpath certainly isn’t going to believe they are one.

  18. David, maybe I should have added a line in the post explaining, it was emailed to me in the afternoon by the lovely Liza Moore (comment 6) who runs a dating agency – not that there is any connection.,I was simply fascinated by it.

  19. I’ve never been happier to get a question wrong! Dare I ask what brought on this post??

  20. Heather, you are just too clever for your own good!

  21. Well, it’s a relief that I didn’t have a clue but perhaps that just makes me a dumb psychopath. Incidentally, the election results were good for many of ours.

  22. I’ve seen this before but never really thought that it would work. But that goodness I’m not a psycho. Well not by that test.

  23. Well, I’d never have guessed that [I’m glad to say!] Creepy….

  24. Given the popularity of crime novels and television programmes, I believe most of the UK could get this right. I blame Agatha Christie, Morse, et al for why I got the answer correct – now where is that carving knife….?

  25. lol – Elle I’m glad to see I’m no psycho
    I thought she found out the killer was dating her sister, so “got rid of the competition” –
    You know like any good conservative would or should – beat the competition at all costs. lol

  26. Someone I mentioned this to had a 10year old daughter who she asked and would you believe she got the answer immediately? What does this mean – should the mother be in the house on her own with this young girl or is it just that childrens’ minds are quite different from adults? Hope the young girl doesn’t fall in love at a member of her own family’s funeral, as that would be really scary!

  27. Gammarama, it’s new to me, if you know of any others, then do please share them.

  28. This is an old one! I shall be contacting Michelle shortly!!

  29. Now the question is should I ask my wife ? ( I’m not going to. )

  30. ooohhhhh dear……good job I don’t belive this !!

  31. The answer:

    She was hoping the guy would appear at the funeral again. If you answered this correctly, you think like a psychopath. This was a test by a famous American Psychologist used to test if one has the same mentality as a killer.

    Many arrested serial killers took part in the test and answered the question correctly.

    If you got the answer correct, I suggest you contact Michelle asap.

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