The missing – Sarah Benford

Police have launched a murder hunt following the disappearance of Sarah Benford, even though her body has never been discovered. Her story was also re-enacted on Crimewatch.

Sarah went missing from a children’s home in Northampton in April 2000, when she was 14 years old.  Her mother saw her in Kettering three days later but none of her family have seen or heard from her since.

Sarah had been taken into care because her mother was worried about the drug addicts and petty criminals she had begun to associate with in Kettering. She had gone missing before, but only for one or two days.

She was also featured on posters displayed at Tesco stores. Her photograph has also been displayed on 40 ft Ford lorries as well as thousands of milk cartons sold in Iceland stores.

In March 2003, police launched Operation Yacht, a major investigation into Sarah’s disappearance, which is being treated as murder. Despite a major police enquiry and a large number of arrests that were made as a result, Sarah’s body has never been discovered and the people responsible for what happened to her have never been brought to justice.

When Sarah disappeared, her mother’s life fell apart. Despite the complicated background, her mother’s grief is just as intense as anyone else in the same nightmare situation.

In memory of those who are still missing.


  1. Sarah C, thank you for your comment, I also hope and pray that Sarah B is well and in good company. It sounds like you were a good friend.

  2. Sarah C

    I am constantly upset to hear Sarah has not yet been found. Having grown up with her, gone to the same schools, been assosiated with the same people, i know she was a “difficult” girl, but it was obvious all she wanted was some love and attention, to be accepted. It appears she found some people she trusted and no one who genuinly loved and liked her has seen her since. I hope they find you one day Sar.

  3. Very sad. These cases are nightmares. you wonder how a person can just disappear into thin air with no one seeing them. It sounds as if the poor mother already had enough to contend with.

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