Have a nice, wet weekend

Although I dislike swearing, I do like the sentiment behind Hugh’s wacky cartoon  business card,  it’s what we should all aspire to in our own way. And it’s certainly one way of being memorable.

What’s the most unusual business card you have ever had?  I collect so many cards on my networking rounds, most of them are pretty ordinary, my own included. Maybe I should ask Hugh to design something eye-catching specially for me.

I know the weather forecast is rain this weekend, and then more rain, and I have planned a barbecue which will be in the lap of the Gods. Whatever you are doing, have a good break.


  1. Jim, We are not so lucky here. It’s pouring with rain and cold too.

  2. Actually it’s not too bad oop here in Cumbria, cloudy but with some sunny intervals. And a nice fresh northerly, just cool enough to keep the midges at bay while I’m doing my fieldwork!

  3. Depends on the market you’re going for. I have a friend whose business now caters for the young, rather than the business community and so he has to dress down and I imagine he also must change his cards. There needs to be a balance between smart and relevant.

  4. Geoff, what a great song, thank you, and I know it will be a great night. Reg Simmonds brings the best acts from Ronnie Scotts to this little Norfolk village and we only pay £15-£20 a ticket. I have never had a bad night there yet.

    Hope you and Sally are not on a diet, I have just made a wicked pineapple trifle for pudding. 🙂

  5. Just sent you a warm up tune for tonight 🙂

  6. Sally, I shall definitely prefer the comfort of my own bed this weekend, I look forward to seeing you and Geoff too, just off to do the shopping.

    Jeremy, yes, please send me one of your cards, do you have my address?

    Philipa, What a terrific start to the weekend, I bet you looked great. You must dress up more often as it has given you such a thrill. I’m off to see a Nina Simone soul tribute night in Burnham Market tonight.

  7. Thanks Ellee, hope you have a great weekend too. Though I had to cancel my trip to Hay I actually went out last night. High heels and lippy – crikey! That’s made my weekend. Hope the sun shines for your barbie.

  8. Ellee

    Can I send you one of mine. You’ll never forget it!

  9. I think the most unusual business card I have is Raffaele the hairdresser’s because he still calls the salon “Yellow” though the original yellow decor is long gone.
    Hope the rain stays off for your bbq – it’s sweltering here!
    Have a good holiday weekend, Ellee.

  10. Rain or shine Geoff and I are going to try the tent out this week-end…then we can decide if we are taking it to Corsica !!!
    Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday too .

  11. Q9, I have cooked barbcues on fire escapes in mid-January, but not in the pouring rain. I certainly do love the aroma of the charcoal and always end up eating far too much.

    And yes, all us Cambridge bloggers should get together soon, there’s quite a few of us now.:-)

  12. “I know the weather forecast is rain this weekend, and then more rain, and I have planned a barbecue which will be in the lap of the Gods.”

    LOL! Isn’t everything. I wouldn’t let a little rain put me off a good bar-b-q in the garden.
    After all when one goes camping, it really does not matter whether it rains or shines, what is important is the smell of the char-coal, and the delicious barbecued food, and food always tastes best when one is famished, regardless of whether it rains or pours.

    Wishing you a fun weekend too!
    PS – Waiting for the card or invite. lol!

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