The missing – Leo Balley

Leo Balley vanished while on a camping holiday with his father and friends  near the idyllic Lake Fourchu in the Taillefere Mountains in France nine years ago. The men were putting up the tent when the six-years-old disappeared.

Amazingly, the colour of Leo’s eyes are not known.

The lakes and forests were thoroughly searched for signs of Leo, who is from Grenoble, but his disappearance remains a mystery. A French serial imposter called Frederic Bourdin assumed his identity in 2006, but DNA tests proved  him wrong.

In memory of those who are still missing.


  1. Just seeing the story on you tube of another missing child by the name of Nicholas. Ok this guy Frederic Bourdin tried to impersonate Nicholas he’s from France. Authorities after months and a DNA test found out who he really was. He goes to jail for 6 years, which should have been longer, then 3 months later he tries to impersonate this baby boy Leo Bally. OMG he should’ve went back to prison. The heartache that the families have been through are enough alone. This guy is dangerous. I really doubt once these children have been missing so long will ever be found alive. I just hope they didn’t suffer. God help them or keep them rested but found.

  2. I remember this case very well, it was a real mystery with some very sinister accusations but like other missing children cases (Estelle Mougin, Maddie McCann) very little in the way of hard facts.

    I was back ski touring on the Taillefer on Saturday. The route passes over the same paths that Leo must have taken with his dad although all is blanketed in a meter of snow. The car-park notice board still has the missing posters, now faded. In reality the area is covered with small lakes and potholes so it is entirely conceivable that someone could just vanish but on a cold and windy spring morning the image of Leo is haunting.

  3. This sad case particularly resonates with me as I have a son who is similar to Leo was at the time of his disappearance in terms of age and appearance. I don’t know what I’d do if it was my son… there but for the grace of God go us all.

    I can only hope that this poor little boy met a swift painless end because I fear the chances of him being alive and well 11 years after he vanished are extremely slim. Why is this world so cruel?

  4. JMB, Yes, it is tragic that the colour of Leo’s eyes are not known, that’s what the missing poster says. I have no idea about his mother’s whereabouts. You can imagine how they were very excited about their camping trip, with no inkling that it would turn into such an horrific nightmare.

    And your comment came through fine, sorry you had problems before.

  5. This is the saddest series of posts Ellee. Doesn’t he have a mother? Is that why the eye colour is unknown. I can imagine a father not knowing. Men just don’t take notice of these things on the whole.

    I’m hoping this comment will get through

  6. Again, how cruel that someone could try to take his identity. Why is his eye colour unknown? Surely his family must have known?

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