The missing – Derek Cross

Derek Cross vanished while on holiday with his friends in Benidorm 11 years ago when he was 26. Last year Derek’s_40805117_derekcross203 family renewed a desperate appeal for information. His son Spencer said:

“I was nearly four and can remember bits about him. My mum and family tell me stories all the time and say I’m a lot like my dad.

“I really want to see my dad. I miss him a lot. I’m nearly 14 now and I’ve missed out on my dad being around.”

Derek’s friends last saw him in the early hours of November 15 1996, making his way back to his hotel.

His father, John, who has since died, flew to Spain several times when the Spanish authorities contacted Leicestershire Police about bodies that had been found.

His grandmother, Florence Cross, described three years ago how she had received a number of mysterious silent phone calls in the years he has been missing. She is convinced it is Derek and prays every night for his return.

Police were unable to confirm reports that he has since been seen on the holiday island of Ibiza or joining the French Foreign Legion.

Because he has been missing for so long, Derek could be now be officially declared dead. But Leicestershire Police have said his file would never be closed and any new lines of inquiry would be rigorously investigated.

In memory of those who are still missing.

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  1. These are such mysteries. People who dissapear for personal reasons leave a dreadful trail of broken hearts

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