Brown’s Black Friday

All is quiet over at LabourHome. At 11.20 am, nobodyimage had said a word yet about their sensational defeat yesterday, their last post still urges voters to back Ken.

It’s tired and weary, lacklustre and defeatist. I wonder what they will say about Labour’s worst local council results in 40 years.

Most devastatingly for them, the party has fallen into third place nationally with 24% of votes, while the Conservatives have 44% and Lib Dems 25%. So far Labour has lost more than 160 seats with the Tories gaining 147.

I think there will be lots of red faces today. And lots more tonight too after Boris is crowned Mayor of London.

imageThis is what David Cameron said this morning as he plans the way forward after the huge vote of confidence in him, his words are spot on:

“I think this is a very big moment for the Conservative Party, I don’t want any one to think we would deserve to win an election just on the back of a failing government. I want us to really prove to people that we can make the changes that they want to see in terms of schools and hospitals and crime and the other issues that really matter to all of us – and that’s what I’m going to devote myself and my party to doing over the next few months.”

I’m afraid Labour needs more than a Cabinet reshuffle now, the only place they should reshuffle is at the top. And if Brown doesn’t get the message after last night’s hammering, then Tories will show him the door in due course …..

It’s certainly Brown’s Black Friday.


  1. Then eddy was too embarrassed tila tequila naked by the couch.

  2. I notive that Gordon has come out of the toilet this morning to spout the same repetitive mantras to Andrew Marr.

  3. But will the congestion tax go?

  4. Just watched the final declaration, Ellee and well done, Boris. That was a generous speech he just made, too. Incidentally, it is all making the headlines here, which is unusual.

  5. It serves Brown right thinking he can treat the people as he has done since he camt to power.

  6. Yes, he is elected! How exciting! Welsh Assembly next, you wait and see 🙂

  7. James, that is an understatement if ever I heard one.

  8. Not a bad result all round.

  9. Man in a Shed, Conservatives retained Peterborough and won a seat back in Cambridge.

    It’s been a great day, a great result in Wales, Harlow, Harrogate and elsewhere..

  10. At least it’s a reprieve for London on the cards, I think another session of Livingstone could have crippled the capital for good but its going to take a lot of hard graft to undo the folly of ten years of Labour.

  11. Expect more disappointment.

    Tories are not the answer – in fact I’m not sure there IS an answer. They have been awful in opposition and are only gaining ground because house prices are falling and Nu Lab have been caught out robbing us blind.

    The Tories have to work within parameters laid down by the caucus of liberals at the heart of our establishments. They’ve fought tooth and nail over the ‘center ground’ which is territory way over to the left, in actuality so successful has been the socialist coup in media, law, education etc.

    People are talking as though this is a general election. It isn’t. That will be delayed until 2010 and then what ?

    The Conservatives (if they don’t stuff it up in the meantime) might win.

    And then ….

    The Conservatives MIGHT do something about the problems facing our country.

    I don’t buy it. Great for a new bunch of politicians who want power and high paid jobs but not a jot of improvement will be felt by ordinary voters – not for at least SIX years.

  12. How did things go in Cambridgeshire ?

    I kind of think that after an election the politicians could be a little more human and honest. The exact opposite of that was on my radio this afternoon – Ed Balls – talking about now having David Cameron just where he wants him.

    I just hope Balls loses his seat and has to get a real job after the general election – he has no idea what humility is.

  13. Maalie, do let us know how your son did, I know Conservatives have done brilliantly in Wales.

    IC, you are absolutely, Cameron is lucky to be naturally gifted with presentation skills. Let’s hope we can build on this great success.

  14. To borrow a phrase from across the pond – it’s time for a change.
    A little while ago I watched David Cameron’s speech to the people at Google – he’s such an impressive speaker; a leader we could be proud of… will be proud of if the last 24 hours are anything to go on!

  15. Well, I was surprised myself to see the extent of the swing. My younger son (Tortoiseshell) is standing as a councillor for Plaid Cymru down in Burry Port, his count is in 20 minutes – quite exciting! I asked him if he had prepared his speech (you, know, thanking his agent, the police, etc) but apparently it’s not like that at these elections.

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