Fixing our broken society

I was totally bowled over by this powerful video at the opening of the Conservative Party conference. What a great build up for Eric Pickles to walk on stage and address his “chums”.

It encapsulates everything that is wrong with our society today and why change is desperately needed.

And just watch – and enjoy – the terrific, creative graphics when Gordon Brown’s face appears …


  1. The society is broken, I fully agree with the author. Nevertheless, I am not sure if it is possible to fix it in such a way. I think that it is uneasy task.

  2. Scrobs, I doubt there will be a referendum. The vote people really want is whether we should stay in the EU, and that won’t happen.

    Raymond T, we have to look at the terrible situation we are in now now and how to move forward and Labour can’t do that. They’ve had their chance.

  3. excelelnt video but as always a little biased!

  4. Raymond Terrific


    there is a nice symmetry to the Tories fixing it. After all they broke it in the first place. Decimation of manufacturing, wilfull destruction of mining communities, mass unemployment, both parents needing to work, deregulated financial sector, privatisation of utilities and transport etc. And Labour have been just as bad.

    It’s a bit late to ‘fix it’ though.

  5. Brilliant video but I don’t think it can all be blamed on Labour.

  6. Scrobs...

    Elle; that is indeed a pretty good message!

    How will David Cameron deal with the European question though?

    Up until a few years ago, on an old bulding near here, there was an old poster which stated “Yes to Europe, No to Communism”.

    It had lasted all those years from Heath, (or probably later) – but was a stark reminder of what we were fed then.

    Seeing Hatfield Girl’s post today has made me understand a few more facts – (Me? I’m a humble property developer in UK INC, struggling to make a crust now, but liking reading info like yours – and Hats’ fpr that matter…).

    This Blair/Brown pact has unpleasant undertones that vben the worst people I have to deal with, would shy away from.

  7. electro-kevin

    People Power.(Near the end of the video)

    Is there going to be a referendum on Lisbon then ?

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