Avon ladies can turnover millions

image No wonder I have two Avon ladies who drop off their booklets at my house. If they are anything like Debbie Davis, they could be making a cool £250,000 a year, with a £7 million turnover.

According to Sky News, Debbie is a Sunderland lass who five years ago was on the dole after losing her £200-a-week factory job. Needing £400 to pay the rent and facing Christmas without a roof over her head, the 29-year-old became a saleswoman for the cosmetics firm just to make ends meet. Now she drives a Mercedes and leads a 2,500-strong team. One three-week sales blitz saw her rake in £18,000. Not surprisingly, she is Avon’s star saleswoman.

Perhaps it’s time I changed jobs. And it’s a healthy one too being out in the fresh air with lots of walking.

Debbie, who works with her partner, puts her success down to  being a friendly face. Is it really as easy as that? She is an inspiration and puts so many to shame.


  1. Kevin, I believe you about Paula. She would have worked her socks off.

    Avonlady, I think I understood that both Debbie and Dave earned this money, but even so, it’s still vast.

  2. avonlady

    Avon is a great way to make money, you can earn good money as long as you put some work into it. Debbie started from the bottom and made her way up. I started with around £50 for 3 weeks on my first campaign as a sales leader then every campaign my “wages” went up and up and up. Avon is like any other businesses, you may be at loss in the 1st year then break even in your 2nd then start making profit in your 3rd. If you don’t understand that then don’t bother. As a rep you can make a profit straight away which is great, even if it’s £20 it is better in my pocket than in someone else’s pocket. Debbie and her partner Dave earn £250k/year between them, I think the papers and GMTV got the fact wrong there as it comes accross that only Debbie earns that kind of money.

  3. electro-kevin

    My wife worked her socks off selling Avon. She used our car for drops which caused maintainance issues.

    Unless you are prepared to sell your soul to get other poor mugs to do this work for you then leave this alone. You’ll be working for well below minimum wage.

    (One month Paula made £50 for about 100 hours work)

  4. Millions? Really? I’m seriously evaluating my career choices…

  5. In fact, being a friendly face is not such an easy thing. Well, I suppose that there are at least three factors to explain a friendly face: patience, hardwork and optimism.

  6. We have Avon in Italy and I’m off to sign up!

  7. I am with Sally on this one, it is NOT that easy, and I wonder how she got a 2,500 strong team. I used to have an Avon women come round and pop a book through my door..where is the selling in that?

    I do like Avon, but I like to see what I am buying, trying what I am buying..!

  8. I think some people are in the right place at the right time. But I am sure she is hard working but the opportunity came her way and she really has been successful.

    Err I have a friendly face too but am a terrible salesperson.

  9. believe me its not that easy… ..

  10. Blimey, where do you sign up? But we have an Avon lady in our area and she’s lovely.

    Incidentally what are DD’s earnings and are they shared with her ‘partner’ along with the work? I’m always suspicious of pyramid selling advertising ‘could be making’ or ‘earnings up to’.

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