Tremendous feeling of optimism with Cambridge voters

I’ve been telling in Cambridge for Conservatives and can report that there has been a huge turnout of voters, particularly first-time voters which you would expect in a university city. I know our candidate Nick Hillman has a lot of support here, and that his hard work will hopefully pay off today.

Election staff said it was the  highest turnout in recent memory, with queues outside the polling booth of 20-30 voters this morning. Our supporters are on the phone urging all our supporters to get out and vote.

I was sitting outside with fellow tellers from Labour, Lib Dems and the Green Party, and voters were surprised to see us working well together and sharing information. I told them that was how politicians often worked too, despite the yah-boo image shown on TV, that we all wanted the best for our country, but had different ideas how to achieve it.

As I watched voters arrive, I ticked them off in my mind as Lib Dem or Greens, and was pleasantly surprised when a young girl punched her hand in the air and said she hoped Tories would win. There were other signs of support too for Conservatives in this typically Lib Dem territory, with one man saying he would only give his voting number to the lady with the blue rosette.

One woman arrived with a bunch of kids who all joked they were supporting Lib Dems and Greens, but the mum thankfully said: “I’m the only Conservative in my house!”

We estimated more than 100 voters an hour arriving, the flow was constant. It was terrific to see, and I hear this has worried Lib Dems who are telling their supporters that Conservatives are a real threat.

I’m hoping to catch a quick bite to eat now and will then go to the count, with the result expected between 2-3 am.


  1. Nich, the whole point is that Lib Dems denied that Tories were a threat in Cambridge, they kept saying on their literature that it was a two-horse race between them and Labour and were wrong because Labour came third. They realised we were rallying tremendous support. Luckily for the Lib Dems, the Green Party was not as big as it could have been.

    Having been a teller for the first time, I realise how important it is for political parties to have a presence at polling booths, that voters like to see it, and that it could help ensure your party gets it vote.

    Maalie, it sounded a terrible disaster for some polling stations, but fortunately we did not have those difficulties.

  2. Amazing how close the exit poll seems to be.

  3. Looks like a scandal unfolding over polling stations. This might not be over tonight…

  4. Ellee, this is fantasy. I was with the Lib Dem regional agent for the East of England today. To suggest the Lib Dems are under threat from the third placed Tories is a joke.

  5. Fingers crossed, Ellee. I’ve done my bit and voted. Poty it’s regarded as a ‘safe’ Labour seat.

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