Being the Soham Psychic – a year on

I saw a film on TV with other night about a young boy who kept seeing dead people and it reminded me about the book I was ghost writer for, Being the Soham Psychic, the life story of Dennis McKenzie.

One of Dennis’ earliest memories was as a homesick four-yeDo you believe? -  Being the Soham Psychic - Dennis McKenzie Biographyar-old boy laying in a hospital bed and being “visited” regularly by a nurse in an old fashioned costume who comforted him. Dennis didn’t seek to have these experiences, and he still sees spirits every day. It’s understandable there are sceptics who dismiss the work he does. But ask the families who Dennis has helped, including Kevin and Nicola Wells, ask the mothers of murdered teenage boys in Ireland who were victims of brutal gangland killings, and ask the heartbroken mother of a Sandhurst officer cadet who went missing on an Army training exercise in France, and they will tell you how much he has helped them. Kevin himself has said that “Dennis does indeed possess and extraordinary gift”.

The book was published a year ago and reached No 1 on Amazon and True Crime after a double page spread in the Daily Express. It still seems to be doing well on Amazon. So if you are still searching for some holiday reading which includes transfiguration, reincarnation and regression, then why not give it a try, and you will hopefully enjoy it as much as this reader who wrote this glowing review and concluded by saying:

I found it compulsive reading and indeed read the book in three days not bad for someone who hasn’t picked a book up in 30 years!


  1. It will have a wide appeal, Ellen.

  2. Thanks Ed. It’s the kind of book which maintains its appeal for its niche readers, and I believe it has been selling well in Australia.

  3. I hope it sells well – heaven knows, people travelling by plane will need lots to read in the airport!

    • Okay, I think by the sinopsis this book is worth to read. BTW where did I can find it? Are this book is near my bookstore? How many page does this book have?

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