Camp Hope – The Great Escape

I had planned to stay up and watch the first Chilean miner being brought to the surface – ending 69 agonising days beneath the earth’s surface. I had wanted to share their exhilaration and see their faces as they were reunited with their loved ones. I’m afraid I nodded off as this didn’t happen until 4am, but I immediately switched on to Sky News first thing this morning just as the third miner was brought up in that amazing capsule. It was an extraordinary scene.

What has impressed me most is the composed nature of the men, the way they supported each other through their nightmare ordeal and found comfort in their strong religious faith, the meticulous attention to detail during the rescue and all the considerations that have been made to help them cope with their nerve wracking ascent.


  1. thanks god those guys are ok, that is very good new!

  2. I think the whole world was praying during the rescue.

  3. It’s a fabulous story. The best one of the year.

  4. It is amazing isn’t it? I really doesn’t bear thinking about, being stuck underground like that for such a long time.

  5. disaffected

    Thanks be to God and the wonderful engineers who have planned and managed this rescue.

  6. We’ve been weeping over this as I am sure others have. How wonderful to have some good news for once!

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