How to Make a Blog Book Review

Blogging is still very much a buzz word for 2011. If you need any convincing, you can learn from those who have made a success of it in a new ebook, How To Make A Blog Book, by Murray Newlands which is now available for free download.

This is how social marketeers like Murray work – they share their information for free, and readers can then forward the information and encourage others to download it too. Murray’s book includes personal valuable tips from famous bloggers – people like  Chris Brogan and Steve Hall who are highly regarded in geeks’ circles – about how to build a blog, as well as marerting and monetizing it. How to make it stand out from the millions in cyberspace to reach your targeted audiences is not rocket science, but a skill which these bloggers have mastered and are happy to share.

I was delighted to meet Murray in Cambridge over Christmas and learn about his latest book, and others he has in the pipeline too. He co-founded the London Blog Club as well as founding the San Francisco Blog Club in 2010, both of which have become highly successful with over 100 regular members. I asked him why he wanted to write his book:

“I kept getting asked the same questions and people seemed to enjoy my knowledge and experience so I wanted to create something that could be shared more widely than just my time. While thinking about the book I thought that other people would also have good tips that they could share so I interviewed them for the book. When it was completed, they naturally used blogging to help market it as bloggers are passionate about encouraging others to join in.  Although most of the subscribers have been from the UK and USA where I am best known, I have had people subscribe from all around the world.

“This is just the first edition and I am hoping to improve and add to it as I get feedback from readers, which can be done via a dedicated Facebook site for How To Make A blog Book where everyone can share their thoughts and get input from others.”

Here is the link to download your copy of How To Make A Blog Book. And do look out for his forthcoming book Online Marketing A Users Manual which you can order now from Amazon, and I hope to get a copy to review when it comes out.


  1. And if a good example of how NOT to make a successful/popular blog is required, I’ll volunteer my own….

  2. Why not just sneak in through the catflap like all the other strays do, Phillipa ?

  3. Kev – I get the point and next time I visit your blog will bring my family, we will enter through the drains. MWA-HA-HA-HA-HAAA-aaaah!

  4. 24/7 journalists generally earn great money. And so they should.

  5. Thank you for sharing about Murry’s e-book. I’ve been wanted to do a blog myself, so will check it out to see if it’s something I want to start.

  6. Hi Murray, you are welcome, and I hope it goes well for you.

    Hi Pip, thanks for the links and your comment. I will check it out.

    Kevin, you are one step ahead with me with the meerkats.

    Re the tube drivers, I’ve always worked anti-social hours as a journalist, so it doesn’t worry me. Everyone forgets how they are still bringing you the news 24/7.

  7. I tried to meerkat my blog – I ended up with strange rat-like creatures with funny accents visiting.

    (Not with the tube drivers on the Wedding Day strike btw – only Christmas. No-one but emergency workers and essential utility workers should work at those times.)

  8. Interesting post, Ellee.

    This together with your previous posts on struggling authors and script writers brought a new book to mind that I saw has recently been launched. It’s ‘Rivers of London‘ and details of the book and it’s author, Ben Aaronovitch (yes, his younger brother) can be found on his blog, here:

    What struck me was how the book is being marketed in the UK and the USA – see the different titles and book covers side by side, here:

  9. What a wonderful review thank you so much!


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