How safe is your street?

Have you checked out your street yet for reported crime on the police website,

The police knocked on my door a few weeks ago and I immediately panicked and feared the worst!

The community beat bobby reassured me that all was fine, and told me that a neighbour had had a Mercedes badge stolen from the front of his car and asked if I had seen anything suspicious. Phew!

I hadn’t, but I wonder if this was one of the crimes included in my local stats which showed there had been 2 incidents of anti-social behaviour, 1 violent crime (common assault, harassment and grievous bodily harm), and 4 other crimes (criminal damage, shoplifting and drugs).

This information hasn’t concerned me in any way. I am happy to walk around my village and feel quite safe. The strangest thing I saw recently was a man I know who breezed past me boldly in broad daylight dressed as a woman and wearing a long brunette wig, short skirt and high heels. But hey, that isn’t a crime!

I know there have been reported errors and it might be one of the first sites house buyers turn to in future. How credible do you feel the data is?

Have you checked out your street yet?


  1. WW, I didn’t WW was such a fearful city. Take care! 🙂

  2. Winchester has been living in fear of an escaped prisoner. Of the four who escaped, one was shot dead by police, two were caught and one is on the run and armed.

  3. I guess there’s no more safe place here on earth. Coz even in your own home, you encounter dangers. Just be alert and attentive to the things around you. Nothing beats a consciously careful mind and heart. =)

  4. Jean-Luc, you sure will!

  5. When the next door neigghbours start a meth lab I’ll be sure to tell!

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