Social Media Week, London

I am often left speechless by the number of businesses who are not interested in using social media as part of their PR strategy. Last week I met a development officer who works with three lovely hotels in East Anglia and he was adamant that twitter and YouTube were a waste of time, even though their competitors were reaping the rewards for communicating this way.

He is not alone, I often get this kind of response and know whatever I say to try and convince them otherwise, that my words fall on deaf ears. However,  I believe organisations which don’t embrace social media will be left lagging behind, that living in the dark ages instead of using these tools to build relationships with clients – both old and hopefully new ones – is pivotal to making themselves stand out in a crowded market place.

Next week provides the perfect platform for those like me who really enjoy social media. And it’s being held globally too, as well as in London. Do check out what is taking place during Social Media Week in London; here is a link to the week’s fantastic programme.  I have signed up for Friday’s event on measuring social media. I wish I could persuade the hotel development officer to come along too so he could get a better understanding about these tools and the difference they could make to his company’s business. Measuring social media and showing how successful it can be is something all clients naturally want to know about, and this event is being sponsored by Market Sentinel who are leaders in this field.

Social Media Week starts next Monday and is being hosted around the world, from Hong Kong and Istanbul, Rome and San Francisco – but certainly not Cairo! I am keen to learn more about the new network site Quora where users post questions and answers and which I have just signed up to, as well as other new social media tools.

It will be good to meet the charming Luke Brynley-Jones of Our Social Times again; he is chairing the day and we met last year at one of his company’s events where I hooked up with Unruly Media and have enjoyed working with them since as a result.

The event is being held in the Guardian newspaper officers and I hope to bump into a chum or two while I am there. It’s social in more than ways than one!


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  2. Hi James,

    There is a link to the programme in the post, but here it is again:

    Sounds great, doesn’t it!

  3. What’s on the programme?

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