What makes women tick?

In the build up to 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day next Tuesday, this “lippy” video asks celebrities Joanna Lumley, Kathy Burke, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Beverley Knight, Annie Mac and Miranda Richardson what they believe is the best and worst thing about being a woman. You will have to play it to discover their answers.

How about you?

What I like most is my role within the family to care and nurture and I really enjoy being a mum (it’s my favourite word in the dictionary). What I dislike most is how as the only woman in a house with three men, I sometimes feel I am taken for granted and that I am invisible! The ability to multi-task is a mixed blessing and fits into both the best and worst parts.

This great video was made by celebrated photographer Rankin and the celebs let rip on women’s rights for ActionAid’s GET LIPPY campaign whose message is, “If we aren’t equal everywhere, we aren’t equal anywhere. So watch our shocking, heartbreaking and inspiring stories from women fighting injustice around the world, then GET LIPPY for International Women’s Day“.


  1. I agree that being the only female in a household of men is hard work!

  2. electro-kevin

    What I can’t believe is the significant number of fully grown women (not all) in all of the places I’ve worked have been allowed to have moodies. They’ll sit in a mess room or office often with the right hump. This is not unusual. In the vast majority of cases there’ll be no reason for it and the men have to tippy-toe around them while they sulk childishly about boyfriends, husbands etc.

    We accept this behaviour as normal. Yet if a man behaved like this …

    And yet their sick leave, maternity leave, being accommodated from doing the nastier jobs are covered by the chaps.

    And the other myth is ‘multi-tasking’. Is this a scientific term and is there a scientific proof for the assertion/assumption that women can ‘multi-task’ and men can’t ?

    I’d say an airline pilot, brain surgeon, chef, Sergeant Major, Chief Petty Officer … are all capable of multi-tasking. They all have to deal with information coming at them from different angles and make decisions on it.

    And if you’ve ever seen Matt Bellamy of Muse or Eric Clapton in concert then you’ll know that they are both extremely adept at multi-tasking too.

    • electro-kevin

      As a health and safety rep I’ve just discovered that my industry has dropped the requirement for the mechanical aptitude test to be passed on selection to be a train driver.

      Seeing as we must diagnose faults, rectify them and act on directions from engineers – and that 30% of our training course is dedicated to learning about machinery I’d say that the test is pretty essential.

      It wasn’t difficult and yet it’s been dropped because it was ‘biased’ against certain groups of people. I wouldn’t really want someone driving a train who didn’t have a basic grasp of gravity, friction, electricity …

      • Philipa

        Are you suggesting this test was dropped because of women? Because women don’t have a basic grasp of gravity, friction, electricity ?

  3. At least now women can be successful women and not men in female business suits, which seemed to be the model up to and including much of the 1980s with shoulder-pads and all…

  4. The best thing is being able to have the best of both worlds these days – we don’t have to hide our intelligence but we can be feminine too. The worst thing, for a single, heterosexual, childless woman is being made to feel that you are an outsider – by other women. I especially feel this when they go on about their childbirth experiences.

  5. I have never heard of International Women’s day .. apparently we are high on having events …. AND it is the 100th anniversary !!

    I am very surprised to read that you feel taken for granted and invisible (living with 3 males) .. I am sure you are NOT!!! I make myself visible .. ha ha When my 3 males are together , I hold a meeting LoL and say “just because you are all together .. DO NOT forget about me .. and don’t gang up on me!!

    These poor women in the videos , live in places where men have been brought up differently … unfortunately I believe it is their culture .. I may be wrong .. But one thing is .. they have no respect for women .. would they treat their mothers like they do their wives??

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