Jimmy Choo Fragrance

While Jimmy Choo shoes are favoured by our glamorous stars, and, a dream for many lesser mortals like myself, it is possible to now own one of their other branded items – a new affordable perfume which is receiving praise and recognition from its users..

Wearing perfume is perhaps something we take for granted. I remember reading a year ago that the last university in the UK offering courses in perfumery was being axed due to financial cutbacks, and that students would have to learn this unique craft in Europe instead, which is very disappointing.

This is how the promotional blurb describes the new Jimmy Choo Fragrance: “With its green top note, heart note of tiger orchid, and base note of toffee and sensual Indonesian patchouli, this is a scent comprising equal measures of female empowerment and elegance, one that evokes glamour, confidence, desire and refined sexuality, all encased in a precious faceted bottle inspired by the opulence of Murano glass.”

By offering all this in a bottle, who could possibly resist!


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  2. I for one dislike perfumes and fragrances in almost everything…… they can bring on severe migraines πŸ™ and I hate it most when people working with food wear perfumes πŸ™

  3. Hi Kevin,

    If you adopted that philosophy, we would never have Chanel No 5 πŸ™

    I will check out your foot injury. I’ve given up jogging and much prefer walking, and I mean 10 mile – 12 mile hikes, which have so far been injury free.

  4. electro-kevin

    Jimmy Choo perfume … ah yes, I’m getting a masculine, musty aroma, a hint of … of athlete’s foot and strong cheese.

    No really. Shoe makers should stick to shoes and perfumiers to perfume.

    As it happens I’ve just blogged about the foot injury I got this morning whilst out on my daily jog. It’s a bit gruesome I have to admit.

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