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It’s only a matter of weeks before I treat myself to an iPad 2.

And I had a good taster session yesterday (not that I need persuading) after meeting up with Ian McKendrick , the ace designer of my website, who raved about some of his favourite apps on his iPad 1, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to resist them either.

Being an avid list maker, Ian suggested I would find everynote invaluable. Do watch the fun video to learn see how impressive it is, but basically it works incredibly by capturing and filing information which can later be located instantly by typing in key words. No more need for scraps of paper and post it notes everywhere. Ian particularly likes its ability to share folders and documents, and he uses this feature with a colleague, Rory Gear, for a joint project they are working on, Tip Tours.

Although I had seen the Google mobile app before, I hadn’t downloaded it on my iPhone, but I certainly have now as I was gobsmacked by its use of voice search to track information.  Ian tested it by asking the distance from Ely to Brighton, and it instantly found a map with directions too. Voice search technology has really come on to its own here and makes life so much easier as you don’t have to worry about fiddling about with a keyboard to type in a question; you only have to speak into it and, hey presto, the answer is instantly delivered.

Another long overdue app I downloaded was TED which I can use to catch up on inspirational speeches around the world. It was at one of their events in Cambridge that I met a speaker who I am now working with, and I know the value of these presentations.

Although I downloaded these apps on my iPhone, I feel that my iPad 2 is going to open my eyes to many more wonderful discoveries too!


  1. I should have thought you’d be right onto this, Ellee, as indeed you are.

  2. I’ve just downloaded the highly acclaimed Al Jazeera news app too:

  3. You’re becoming really techie, Ellee!

  4. That everynote looks handy

  5. Best of luck with the I-Pad they sound very posh. You deserve one.

    I hope you didn’t get too irritated by my over the top commenting a while ago Ellee. I found out I have a type of bipolar disorder which makes me go very manic indeed hence me wanting to be Emperor etc etc I was half joking but genuinely “grandiose” as they call it!

    I’m putting in a formal complaint at the drug agency that has been treating me because I have been coming in with “mental health symptoms” for years and getting nothing bar nods and more nods and no action whatsoever when I said I had to address my mood problems or I’d get nowhere with my drugs problem. I don’t want anybody getting in trouble. All they could do was treat what they saw which was what turned out to be a severe mood disorder (technically I’m schizoaffective, bipolar type which is as severe as mood disorders get)… but I had “successfully” self-medicated so what they saw was similar to “manic depression but on medication” and I’m angry that they couldn’t even pick up on and follow this simple fact. So I want them properly trained re mental health problems so the fiasco I got into doesn’t happen again with someone else!

    Sorry to comment this here where it’s not strictly relevant but I haven’t got your email. Also hopefully some MP will read what I said and get all hot under the collar about Severe Mood Disorders and methadone therapy (as if!) but there is hope.

    Hey MPs come to my Gledwood Vol 2 blog and read all about what it’s like to be a methadone-treated nutter!

    Enjoy the i-pad Ellee



    • Hi Gledwood, I haven’t been irritated at all by your comment, so please don’t worry about that. I’m sorry to hear about these difficulties, it must make life very hard for you. I hope your medication and treatment improves very soon.

  6. Sally, I never wanted iPad 1, I was always waiting for 2. Saying that, from what I saw of Ian’s it was stunning. I can’t wait to subscribe to The Times, and at £1 a day, I’ll soon save on that and cover my costs 🙂
    I plan to use it like a notebook, but a huge advantage is that it will be much lighter to carry around than a laptop, and it’s the apps that really make it so fabulous.

  7. Ellee and Anne, Geoff sold his ipad weeks ago … he does not rate them.

  8. Yes Anne, I’m sure Geoff will upgrade and Sally will be the proud owner of one too 🙂

  9. funny isn’t it .. trades worked well before so they must be thriving now … Yes no doubt Sally will inherit one at some point 🙂 ..

  10. Arni has upgraded my phone … now that is bad enough… and you are lucky to have some help at hand ..! My new phone is in its box , in my draw ..!!

  11. Sally, it’s a valuable tool for my trade. I imagine you will inherit one very shortly anyway! 🙂

  12. wow an ipad work must be going well 🙂 🙂

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