Grantchester Meadows without the crowds


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I enjoyed a leisurely stroll along a picturesque Cambridgeshire riverbank in the vicinity of Lode and Bottisham this afternoon with a friend who has recently returned from a year or so in Australia where she had the misfortune to fracture her femur after falling off a stool while trying to catch a parrot on New Year’s Eve – but that’s another story.

What I will say is that she reminded me what a small world it is as her consultant in Sydney came from Ely (close to where I live) and she met many English nurses too at the hospital. Despite her infirmity, Wendy walked at a reasonable pace with the aid of a walking stick, and is keen to get fit as soon as possible and join me on longer walks.

Wendy admired the lush greenery all around us and said this was what she had missed most in Australia. As we ambled along the meadowland, marvelling at the bursting spring buds and brilliant yelllow daffodils, a lone swan swimming alongside side our path, I felt really chilled out; these are sights which always gladden my heart.

Each walk has its special moments. Today we passed bareback riders exercising horses, and a scented field filled with hyacinths; their brilliant colours were quite dazzling against the rich black soil. A couple of carefree cyclist ignored signs which requested that cyclists needed written permission to ride along the footpath – but I’ve no idea who from!

Wendy and I recalled a walk we had enjoyed along Grantchester Meadows and agreed this was just as special. Instead of  finishing at the Orchard Tearooms and then unwinding with a cuppa, this ramble ended close to a field used by polo riders which I had never seen before. I found it so very interesting. We felt our Lodeside walk was like Grantchester Meadows – a popular tourist haven – but without the crowds.

My walk today, albeit brief, was a bit of a warm up for next weekend when I will be enjoying more of our beautiful countryside in Dovedale, Derbeyshire with the excellent Cambridge Rambling Club.

I hope you are also making the most of our lovely spring weather and enjoying our beautiful countryside.

It’s true, the best things in life are free…


  1. That sounds like a wonderful walk 🙂

  2. Sally, yes, and a great walk for you and Geoff.

  3. it was a beautiful day for walking…. 🙂

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