The Co-operative revolution – rebranded

I had no idea that the Co-operative group had such a strong social conscience and forged so many varied community links until I researched this post to promote their rebranding, The co-operative good for everyone.

Pitching themselves as an organisation proudly formed in 1844 by Rochdale Pioneers, “revolutionaries who changed the world“, they have maintained their founding ethos, which is its belief to share its profits, and that when benefits are passed around, it’s good for everyone. Every year the Co-operative supports thousands of initiatives both in the UK and the developing world, and it is keen to take on more.

Its values and principles – and its democratic business stance – is to work with its members and tackle issues that are important to them – from helping the community to tackling global climate change. Membership is open to everyone – as long as they share their values.

As a lover of honey, I was impressed to learn about one of their projects to support the Urban Bees which was set up by bee-lovers Brian McCallum and Alison Benjamin who wanted to help protect dwindling honeybee populations in urban areas by educating city-dwellers in beekeeping.

Having already invested £500,000 into Plan Bee, a bee protection and education programme, funding from The Co-operative helped Urban Bees to run training courses for beginners, give talks and work in partnership with other organisations and companies.

There will be honey now for tea for the foreseeable future thanks to Brian and Alison who have now established 20 new hives on rooftops and in community gardens and allotments across London, who will have given training and start-up equipment to approximately 300 people by the end of 2011.

This is just one of many admirable projects around the country with demonstrates the Co-operative’s strong ethical credentials and corporate social responsibility.

I recommend you watch this short video and learn about how the Co-operative was founded by the Rochdale Pioneers, and went on to change commerce forever, and so much more….


Today in the UK,  the Co-operative Group has six million members and 5,000 outlets across its family of businesses, including food, financial services, travel, pharmacy and funerals.

The group is keen for you to join their revolution too; it’s still going strong 167 years later – which must make it the world’s longest ever revolution!

You can also follow the Co-operative on Facebook.

Are there any Co-operative schemes going on in your area? Is there something you’re involved with, or better yet, is there something you’d like to set-up? If so, do get in touch with them as they would like to hear from you.

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Update: The Co-operative Group announces record profits of  £545.7 million, up by 48.3 per cent on last year’s results.

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  1. Its a shame they dont have this group in Australia. My interest is dogs and while I know that every dog deserves a daily walk, I know most people will not bother.

    I also know that much of the aggression and fear shown by dogs in shelters is caused by memories of abuse and not being properly exercised while in their holding cells waiting for death. if a group like this could get the govt to at least half subsidize volunteers walking these abandoned dogs, the dogs, future owners and society in general would benefit a lot.

    A society that has a lot of abandoned dogs is not what I would call advanced. One that does not look after dogs that have been abandoned should also rethink how developed they are. I know this is probably outside of the scope of this post, however this is what I know would make a difference.

    • Hi Bruce, you are absolutely right, and maybe this is something which would be considered as a community project, particularly for dog owners who are unable through poor health – or even work commitments – to walk their own dogs.

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