The magic of a bluebell wood

Bluebells at Waresley and Gransden Wood, Bedfordshire

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It’s hard to beat the magic of a bluebell wood on a gorgeous spring day with the sun’s rays shining on them like a laser beam.

You can catch sight of them too at Waresley and Gransden Woods which I visited yesterday; they are hosting two guided walks during an open day on 1 May. Everyone had a camera to capture the stunning sight. This is the route I took and you can view my pictures by clicking on the red dots.



  1. always so nice to see lots of bluebells … this week i went in search of the tulip fields and they were a magnificent sight 🙂

  2. I miss seeing masses of bluebells. Happy Easter, Ellee.

  3. There is nothing quite like a bluebell wood, I really must go for a walk in one soon with my camera in hand 🙂

  4. Agreed there is nothing like seeing a field of bluebells. One of nature’s treats

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