Osamin bin Laden is dead – what next?

We have woken to the momentous news that Osamin bin Laden is dead, the murdering leader of Al-Qaeda responsible for the terrorist attacks in America – and against the world – with the September 11 attacks. He was shot dead overnight by special American forces at his home in Pakistan, which has always denied providing him with sanctuary. His body has reportedly been disposed of at sea.

What next though? I fear reprisals will be inevitable.

And I have just heard on Sky News that the reason Prince William and his bride postponed their honeymoon could have been because they were planning to fly to Jordan – but had been given a tip off by Americans to avoid the area. I hope they have had a safe and romantic weekend in Balmoral instead, especially sweet in the knowledge of the deed that had to be done.

One further question, why did it take 10 years?




  1. We win. We may take a life time but we win.

  2. Well said, Ellee.

  3. Live by the sword and die by the sword comes to mind.

  4. Finally he’s dead..

  5. Shoot him in the face and dump him at sea – is that really Islamic practice?

  6. electro-kevin

    It could be a good opportunity to leave the quagmire that is Afghanistan declaring ‘mission accomplished.’

    However – the mission has become so ill defined that it might not be so easy to do now. From poppy destruction, to the defence of feminism and human rights … we’ve had all manner of excuses as to why so many of our troops are coming back home dead … or, in many cases, worse than dead.

    If the Americans withdraw (as I think they will) then so will we. This being a measure of our strength of commitment (or lack of.)

    Any attrocities on our own shores should be viewed in the context of lives and limbs saved because of withdrawal.

  7. It was surprising news to read first thing after a bank holiday lie in. I doubt it changes much at all.

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