Why social media and PR matters

I have long shared Neville Hobson’s philosophy about social media and PR. In this video, he explains how nobody controls the message, that there is no one-way of using social media within an organisation as it depends very much on its culture, but that honesty, transparency and passion are essential to make it succeed. This is so very true.

I accept that it can be a dramatic shift in mindset for organisations, but I do believe that if they genuinely want to communicate with their consumers, then social media is vital as any unresolved grumbles will certainly be aired on the internet.

I can give a personal example. I recently wrote about a terrible experience after ordering Karin Herzog products from their website, which I have described in detail here. I soon found I was not alone and that others had had similar experiences. My blog post eventually came to the attention of their CEO Julie Cichocki and we had an email exchange in the last few days about her difficulties which she says are now resolved. I am pleased to see today that she is responding to individuals on my blog who posted comments. After experiencing a total communication blackout from the company, it is refreshing to see Julie coming forward this way and I hope she continues an open dialogue to re-establish trust.

Here are some of the issues which Neville explains on his video:

1. Why did people begin to use digital marketing?
2. How is social media changing the face of PR?
3. So are marketing companies adapting to the new, or sticking to the old?
4. What’s the biggest mistake marketers make online?
5. How do you go about getting noticed online?

I personally feel that PR professionals need to embrace social media on a personal level in order to succeed in delivering this as a professional service. This gives them much deeper insights about what it really means, and how it is not one-way communication, but a dialogue where anyone can speak their mind, and consumers want to know they are being listened to.

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  1. Electro-Kevin

    Re Karin Herzog. It had nothing to do with the fact that you’re a top blogger did it ?

    Assuming that the vast majority of complainants don’t read your blog (and probably complain directly without much joy)I presume that it’s the risk of bad publicity rather than any other motive causing such a good response.

    You’re a bit like Anne Robinson but without the wind-tunnel face and bad attitude.

  2. Ellie, thanks for embedding the video and your comments about what I had to say. Very glad to see a like mind – something I know of course from our encounters that go quite a way back.

  3. Hi Adrian, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I think if I was abroad, the Labour conference would not be uppermost on my mind.
    Look forward to seeing you soon.

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