Have you tried dowsing?

This was the first video I ever recorded and edited, it was very much a test video, and surprisingly it remains my most successful on YouTube, with almost 42,000 hits and 73 comments. Not bad for a trial run!

I recorded a dowsing demonstration at one of my favourite country homes, Snowshill Manor in the Cotswolds, and viewers from around the world have shared their dowsing experiences, including the odd sceptic too.

This is what they said:

Dowsing does work! A simple explanation: When you dowse, you_ connect to the Universal Consciousness. The rod or pendulum is merely a tool. It is your mind and body tuning in to pick up frequencies of the the desired target and tuning in to it like a tuning fork. I can switch from finding underground streams, to finding gold to finding the nearest fox (when I’m out hunting), to looking for whatever I want!! You are only bound by your imagination. Dowsing works…

I was 12 years old and had no idea where any of the stuff was, i just made piles of gravel every time the rods crossed and sure enough, they piles made lines where the sewer line, internet cables, and electrical wires ran.
its weird as hell, but no bullshit
i personally think it has something to do with magnetic flux through the earth and the instrument you’re holding.
my grandma can do it with willow sticks but not copper_ rods, and i can do it with the rods, but no luck with a willow stick
i never heard of dowsing until my grandpa made me water witch with two L shaped copper rods when_ we were making a big trench for a water line.
. not only did i identify where the electrical wires to the house, but i also identified other hazards such as the sewer line and broadband internet cable.

I see it’s been a couple years since posting this video. Has anyone involved in believing this crap smartened up yet or are they continuing to fight progress of science and the human mind? I’m sure your aware of the million dollars James_ Randi offers to prove dowsing or any other similar bullshit. What’s your reason for avoiding that?

My grandmother and great grandfather_ were water witches in Kansas in the 20s. He was a well digger, and realized that at eight years of age, she was better at it than he, so he put her to work. They found the wells that way, “real” or not.

These do indeed work! I tried them at work one day. A co worker showed me. We had made some_ out of some farm farm fence wire we had bent into two rods. I found what I believe was the weeping bed of an old house on Conservation property. I do remember the house as a student. I found the now city water line coming from the old brick-lined abandoned well chamber. Everything lined up. And I know I wasn’t forcing the rods..really neat.

It works, We tried it and then after myself, two of my family members tried it and they both found water in the same spot as I did. We then got the plans for the property to check underground pipes like storm_ water, sewage and water mains. We were also able to find underground springs too using this ancient method. So it works!

I tried this for the first time today. I had my eyes completely closed as my nephew moved a jug of water under the rods and_ it work each time. I had no idea where the water was or what he was doing as he was completely silent. I have no idea how to explain it!

Great_ video! I didn’t realize I was being filmed.
Chris the Dowser

I guess there is only way to find out – try it yourself – and please let me know if  your strike water. The wires certainly twitched when I tried it!


  1. Only in minerals? I mean does it help looking for possible treasure hideout, detecting gold bars? Well this invention really makes those, with resources, wealthy. LOL

  2. I do dowsing using a gold necklace and ring as the pendulum. I have ever predict the gender of my elder sister’s children by dowsing, using a piece of her hair and her ring as the pendulum. Hang the dowser above the left opened palm, and let it rotate.

  3. i haven’t tried any though my granny’s house located on near mountain area..i was just wondering do miners use the same thing to locate minerals?

  4. Electro-Kevin

    Yes. I’ve tried dowsing and it seemed to work. I don’t know if it’s the subconscious at work. I know I can get them to move without any obvious movement through slight muscle contractions.

  5. I have used dowsing for years for all kinds of applications. I find it highly reliable – as long as you do not care what the answer is going to be. If you “expect” a particular answer to a question, there is no point in asking it in the first place !
    As you have no doubt found, once you have actually experienced the rods move in your hands, especially when you are convinced it is a load of rubbish, your life is changed forever !
    It was certainly a huge leap forward for me. See more information on my website

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