The other Sinclair inventor

I met up with Iain Sinclair recently after several years and told him about my love of innovations.

Quick as a flash, he reached in his packet and brought out his latest creation, a sleek flat pack folding knife called CardSharp.

Iain is the younger brother of Sir Clive Sinclair, famed for his C5 electric vehicle, pocket TV, computers and slimline calculator, and they clearly share the same creative genes.

I loved the way the knife was so neat and compact, the size of a credit card, and thought it would be perfect for my walking weekends, and so I am now the proud owner of my very first penknife. Having sliced an apple with it, I can vouch for its sharpness too!

But even before I unpacked it, I was impressed by the stylish silver box it was encased in with Iain’s branding. So cool! And it only cost £15.

Iain offers an impressive range of other stylishly designed products too, including a flashlight called Eon Extreme which is also the size of a credit card and has the highest power to weight ratio of any flashlight/torch in the world. He has also designed two tiny innovative cameras, the PocoPro which can shoot full 1080P high definition video, including 3D from its twin lens reflex eyes, and the Poco 3D, said to be the world’s thinnest, full 1080P high definition pocket video camcorder, is also the world’s smallest 14 Mega Pixel compact digital still camera, and the same size as a credit card.


  1. Hi Kevin, I thought this might appeal to you. I really like my pen knife, and I can see that your gadget is great for your outside life adventures. Hope you and the boys and your wife are well.

  2. Electro-Kevin

    I have something better than that. A credit sized multi-tool by BCB.

    It’s in my wallet all the time. It is:

    – a knife
    – a bottle opener
    – a tin opener
    – a screwdriver
    – a saw
    – a set of spanners (albeit not very accessible ones)
    – a back plate for a button compass
    – a small metric ruler

    The size of a credit card. Unbreakable…

    Three quid to you.

    Unfortunately it doesn’t come in very nice packaging. However it is a beautifully simple and unbreakable tool and I’m using it all of the time.

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