Merry Christmas

In wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, I am singling out two inspirational young women in particular who have unwittingly, with their outstanding and selfless crusade to make a difference, have made the world a better place for those around them. In both cases, it was their personal blogs which brought them worldwide acclaim – and a brush with death.

They are 14-year-old  Malala Yousafzai (pic) who was shot by the Talaban for daring to say that young women in Afghanistan want an education, and Martha Payne, whose simple and truthful account about her dire school dinners, Never Seconds, caused a sensation, and through its support for Mary’s Meals , has raised more than £126,000. As a result, more than than 600,000 children every school day get a decent meal; it cost s just £10.70  to feed a child for a year.

Their generous actions mean more than any Christmas gift for those who benefit directly as a result of these extraordinary young people.

Merry Christmas everyone, we should feel so blessed with what we have. x