Good luck Heidi Allen

I am thrilled to hear the news that Heidi Allen has been shortlisted – one of four all-female candidates – as Andrew Lansley’s successor to be the next Conservative parliamentary candidate for South Cambridgeshire.

Heidi wooed and won support from party members at South East Cambridgeshire last December, she won every round of votes during the primary selection, only to be denied her hard earned victory when the result was announced and Lucy Frazer was wrongfully declared the winner instead, a result which was sustained at a follow-up meeting.  Heidi gallantly accepted the decision, it must have been an incredibly painful experience for her. Her actions showed grace and true grit, qualities we need in abundance from our political representatives.

As it turns out, Lucy is fabulous and will be a great credit to her constituents (she represents my constituency) as well as the Conservative party.

But now Heidi has a second chance for a parliamentary seat in Cambridgeshire, an area she has spent much time getting to know and hopes to represent in parliament, rejecting offers to stand in other constituencies around the country.

In the final round, Heidi is standing against Charlotte Vere, who stood against her for the South East Cambs seat, Johanna Churchill and Helen Whately.  Unlike before, there will be no open primary selection, all four finalists have been asked to be interviewed by a Special General Meeting of SCCA Members on 11 October at Cambourne Village College.

A statement on South Cambridgeshire Conservative’s website says:

“As it happens, it’s an all female shortlist – it definitely was NOT imposed upon us by anyone.  It’s simply that the Sifting Committee thought these four were the very best from a field of 102, mainly high class candidates.”

These four finalists are all terrific women who have fought hard to reach this stage. But in my mind, there is one special person who deserves this seat, and the Conservative Party should count its blessings in having Heidi stand by them after her devastating misfortune caused by their horrendous mistake. She surely deserves to win here, and keep it this time!

Good luck Heidi!

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