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Ellee has enjoyed many successes through her personal experiences of social media because enjoys it so much and believes in its effectiveness, rather than doing it solely as a PR activity. Her blog is ranked 5th in the UK among top PR blogs.

She started writing her blog in 2006 and it is archived by The British Library as a record of life in the UK today. It has also been featured in The Guardian, on BBC News 24 the Andrew Marr Politics Show and on Radio 4 Woman’s Hour. It has been ranked as a top political blog in the UK. She is also a contributory blogger to the UK-based Huffington Post, a major online news aggregate. Her LinkedIn profile is one of the top 5% most viewed LinkedIn profiles for 2012.

Ellee is also a Mumsnet blogger.

She works with a leading London-based digital media agency to promote their clients on her blog, including First Direct bank, Nescafe, NSPCC and the Met Police, and some of these posts have made No 1 and 2 on Google. She has also had calls from the national media following some of her posts, and her links have been included on the BBC the website to lead discussions on topical issues.

Iain Dale, UK’s leading political pundit and former top political blogger, says:

“Ellee is a calm, reasoned voice in a blogosphere more used to ranters. She stands out as a beacon of what good blogging is all about.”

Ellee’s blog has a very respectable page ranking of 5 and she uses her blog to promote clients who work with a digital media agency in London, including First Direct Bank, the Met Police and NSPCC, reaching No 1 and 2 on Google from her blog posts.

ProActive PR has used Twitter to secure the attendance of BBC Newsround to record a medical conference on superbugs and infections she was promoting; they filmed a visit by schoolchildren to a Bart Simpson ‘sneeze tunnel’ which was shown on television later that day. Local TV also attended.

To demonstrate how far reaching Ellee’s blog is, and how it can dramatically change people’s lives, please read this post about Gary Spencer who was listed as missing in Thailand and asked for her help to contact is father in the Isle of Wight. As a result of Ellee’s blog, they are to reunited and Gary wrote to her saying:

“Ellee, thank you so much. Your assistance has been invaluable. If you hadn’t helped when you did then I have absolutely no idea how else we could have reconnected  :)))”

ProActive PR works with some of the country’s leading social media marketeers and can assist in new web designs, write blog content and advise and provide training on the use of social media tools which businesses need to reach out to their clients – and find new ones.

Vysia Duffield, campaign manager at London-based digital media agency Unruly Media:

“I have had the pleasure of working with Ellee on several occasions and have found her to be a genuinely nice and pleasant person with an amazing amount of energy and enthusiasm. Her blog is also fantastic, content-focused and above all, filled with well written, relevant and insightful articles. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her work and her professionalism.

“To demonstrate how Ellee knows her stuff, I’ve just came back from a WOMMA UK (Word of Mouth Marketing) meeting and I was really surprised that there were so many PR people who didn’t really know what Twitter is! I have a great respect for Ellee for being so tech savvy and active on so many social media media platforms. She is definitely one in a million!”

Ian McKendrick, social media strategist:

“Ellee did a fantastic job of helping us to promote the launch of The Business Hub when we expanded onto a new radio station. She provided written copy, blog articles, video and press coverage through her extensive personal network, as well as promoting the event through her social networks.

“Within minutes of her press release being published we experienced many hundreds of hits to our website, and so many downloads of our show podcasts that it almost brought our web server down!

“Ellee certainly knows her stuff, and is probably one of the most connected networkers I know, and is able to instantly raise awareness almost at the click of a mouse.  She was a pleasure to work with, highly professional, and absolutely thorough, and without hesitation she imparted her wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure we didn’t miss a thing.

“I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Ellee, and we’re looking forward to working with her again to help us promote future events.”

Derek Wilson, Cambridge inventor of the fire safety Life Light alarm, who hired Ellee to record a promotional video:

“ Ellee is very dedicated and always goes the extra mile to get the job done…. Thanks!”

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